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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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There is a certain frustration involved with trying to grapple someone nimbler than you who is armed with a reach weapon and Phillip Ward was experiencing a special kind of hell as he stormed forward only to jerk backwards with each swing of Tom's blade. He couldn't get close enough to grapple him without either getting cut by the sword or have Tom simply move out of the way.

Indeed there already had been a few close calls and Phil had only been saved by the fact Tom simply did not know how to use a bladed weapon correctly. The clumsy swings were easily dodged but caused Phil to be more and more uncertain about his plan of action. Suddenly Tom stepped backwards, seeming to take measure of Phil once more. Phil took advantage of the momentary lull in the combat and moved forth once again. With his back against the wall this time there was nowhere for Tom to go.

Phil never even saw the thrust coming. A sharp pain ripped his side as he felt the sword tear skin. His eyes widened in panic. Had he been stabbed? He didn't know, but the pain he felt was very real. He let out a cry and stumbled back clutching his side before slipping on the loose rocks at his feet and falling to the ground at Tom's feet, blood trickling from his wound. There was a thud as he impacted the stony ground and a brief flash of light burst behind Phil's eyes as he lost consciousness.
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