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The faceless fear
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((Hermione Miller comes in from My Kingdom for a Plan!))

Hermione had definitely seen better days. She was completely exhausted, having only stopped to sleep under a tree somewhere when she couldn’t take another step. The coldness of the night air and the unfamiliar sounds of the forest made it difficult for her to sleep comfortably, reducing what should have been a restful night into a series of short catnaps interrupted by moments of panicked wakefulness.

Reaching into her bag, Hermione pulled out a compact, opening it up to reflect her face in the mirror. She had already wiped off most of her makeup during the previous day’s travels, but some traces of running mascara remained – so much for Neverfail colour locking technology. Hermione wiped the rest of the makeup off with a moist towelette, noting the heavy bags under her eyes. She pulled out a cream and dabbed it under her eyes, rubbing it in to ensure that her skin had time for it to soak in.

She took a few moments out to brush out her hair and tie it neatly into a ponytail, using a few pins here and there to secure any stray hairs. Considering the weather, any other tubes of makeup she had with her would have melted by now, but Hermione managed to locate a tube of clear shimmer lipgloss, which she used to moisten and nourish her lips.

Her morning rituals completed, Hermione got to her feet and staggered on through the forest, until she reached a clearing. She noticed the presence of other students and waved to them, blithely ignoring Danya’s announcement and his lists of the dead/dying.

“Heeeeey! Heeey!” she called out.
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