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Jay stumbled forward, his heart thumping in his chest, John had taken the lead after his discovery, his behavior suggesting he was just about fed up with Jay, either that or he was having really uncomfortable bowel movements. Jay was betting on the former.

Am I being annoying, or just really cautious? Is that a good thing? Shit, he's pretty fucking brave...

Jay continued crouching for a minute as Jojo edged past him, to join John in approaching the distant figure. Jay scowled before standing and heading towards the group.

Well, I thought I was doing a pretty good job. If that kid had a shotgun Johnny would've definitely taken my advice more, y'know, readily.

He looked up towards the sky as he walked, it was getting dark. He stuck his hands in his pockets and glanced over towards the nearby building as he followed the others.

I hope no one's up there. I sure as fuck don't want to sleep outside...

Jay's thoughts once more swung back to John. He could feel himself becoming increasingly paranoid despite his best efforts, evaluating every emotion his companions displayed towards him, as well as each other. He was beginning to feel rather sketchy.

Just because he thought my idea was stupid doesn't mean he's going to kill me. Johnny isn't a killer. I stood there in front of him, pretty much fucking dancing in front of his shotgun for all the good it did me. He didn't kill me. Would he really pick Sunil over me, if it came down to it? When it came down to it? He couldn't kill anyone, neither could I. I know I can't, fuckin', my gun, it's in my bag. I can't do shit all with it there. I don't even need to think about tha-

"Aw fuck..."

Jay felt as if time had slowed down as he raised his head, viewing the scene in front of him. His feet hadn't stopped moving and he stumbled into the dumbstruck John, his mouth a gap as he looked at the scene before him. He hadn't even noticed Sunil's arrival, his teeth chattered and his eyes seemed to pop out of his skull as he viewed the sight before him.

Holy fuck.

She was laying on the ground, blood leaking from her neck, or, somewhere. Jay wasn't exactly sure. A girl crouched down next to Maria, equally blood spattered. She stared at the group, a blood drenched hacksaw in her hands. Jay felt his stomach churning, as if he were on a roller coaster.

She's gone. She's dead. She was there, and then she wasn't. Out, gone, into the great beyond. Freddy Krueger'd, right in the neck. 10 points. And that means I'm not going to come in dead last.

The fuck is wrong with me?

Jay opened his mouth to speak, as well as he could manage despite his chattering teeth. Jay was barely aware that it wasn't just his mouth chattering, he was shaking crazily, backing up towards the edge of the clearing. He suddenly felt extremely far away, as if looking down on the scene from a great distance. His throat felt raw, as if something had been clawing at the inside of his windpipe since he had awoken to the nightmare only a few hours earlier.

This is the shit right here, I'm in THE SHIT, Jesus fuckin' Christ my balls have only just dropped and now someone wants to hack them off!

Jay turned and bolted.

((Jay Holland continues in The Various Downsides of Becoming "Paranoid as Balls"))
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