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As Jen sat on the ground, she wondered where they went from here. Ultimately, she knew that she wasn't going to get out of this, but she was determined to go out having fun. And her oldest and closest friend was just a few feet away, getting changed. He had asked her not to peek. Just like Morgan, ever sensitive, ever nervous. And ever gullible. Of course she peeked.

He didn't get naked. Jen was a bit relieved at that. How much of what was going through her head was being influenced by the situation she didn't know, and this was Morgan. Yeah, she'd offered to sleep with him once before, but she'd been drunk at the time. Now, was it because she did want him, or just that she wanted anybody? She loved him, she knew that. More than she had loved any of the guys that she had slept with. But it wasn't a romantic love. Could it be?

She looked over his body. Tight where it needed to be and glistening with sweat, he had filled out to be really very attractive. Far from the scrawny kid she remembered growing up. It was something that she could easily go for, and she knew that he stared at her as well. All the boys did. She could easily have one last hurrah with him.

She turned away as he finished changing, to maintain the pretence that she hadn't looked. As he returned to her, saying that they could stay here for a while, she relaxed again. It may be open and exposed, but at least it was dry, and was about as good as anywhere else they'd been. As Highpockets sat beside her, she rummaged in her bag, looking for what rations they'd been provided with. She pulled out one of the loaves. "Split it with you."

She snuggled in close to him, resting her head on his shoulder, as she had so often before. It was comforting to feel his warmth, hear his heartbeat. "Morgan, I'm glad we found each other here. Without you, I don't know what I would have done."
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