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"Damn." That's all he could say at this point. He had just been thwarted and saved by luck at the same time. Kevin watched with resentful eyes as Vera escaped with his prize. His plan had failed only because he didn't pay more attention. If he had noticed her, he could have knocked her back with his shovel and grabbed the gun. From there, all he had to do was escape through the window he had smashed earlier.

Next time, he would have to think things through more carefully. His passion might have been his strength, but not here. Not in this game of life and death. Rushing in blindly against a gunslinging maniac would only prove fatal to him. Speaking of gunslingers.... "I might not get you, but the island will. Trust me on that, Vera. You're going to die very, very soon." He growled at the empty room.

She was his opposite. She didn't have enough drive. He wasn't about to complain about that, but it would prove to be her downfall. If she didn't have the will to gun down a potential threat when she had the chance, then a player would be able to take advantage of that. After all, 19 students had died today. 8 had been taken down by the Two-Kill Club. It wouldn't be very surprising if one of those four were to encounter Vera and snuff her out.

"Not good for everybody else, though...." Especially not if one of those slashers got a gun. This sobering fact reinforced his need to get one to protect himself. He wasn't about to get killed because of one artist who decided to resist. He picked up his dusty shovel and forced open the door, leaving the now-empty cabin behind for good.

"Eventually. It'll come eventually."

((Kevin Harding continued in instinct· algorithm))
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