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Though what Dutchy might have been up to gnawed at the back of her mind the entire time, Sarah had finished stitching Kimberly's arm back together, and began carefully threading the little piece of string back around itself. Knotting it a third time, she felt pretty confident the stitching would hold. Probably. Taking out one last antiseptic wipe, she cleaned around her neat little stitches, taking an odd sort of pride in her handiwork.

She looked at it a little longer before fishing out a bandage and covering it up, wrapping it over and under the arm. She thought momentarily of asking Kimberly to take her sweater off so she could better fix the bandage around her neck, but thought better of it. If it started slipping later she could do it then, maybe somewhere more private. She looked over her shoulder as she tied the bandage in place. Where the hell are they?

She nodded when Kimberly mentioned finding Reiko. Finding her girlfriend was always going to be a priority for her, obviously. And now more than ever she needed her help, her shoulder to cry on, though she knew Reiko was more than capable of looking after herself.

The next sentence killed her.

"Since Kris... killed her sister and all."

She looked into Kimberly's eyes, subconsciously waiting for the joke, the "just kidding!" that she needed to hear. But she knew it wasn't coming. What little hope she’d mustered drained out of her face and out of her mind as she began to choke up again. "n-n a-aa c-c-mna" She stuttered helplessly, trying to find words to deny with. She retched pathetically, feeling like she was going to vomit.

Reika had been her friend since the start of that year, and for the past couple of months they'd spent so much time together with Reiko and corny as it was she was starting to think of her as her sister too and... she was dead.

Sarah stared blankly at the ground, her whole body shaking. She couldn't be dead, that wasn't right it must have just been a mistake, how did Kimberly even know that? It had to just be some nasty rumour, something Kris had said to spite her or or...

No-one was meant to die, their school was better than that bullshit, none of them deserved it, and Reika deserved it least. She was the sweetest, nicest person in the whole fucking world and Kris had murdered her. She didn't deserve it. She didn't fucking DESERVE it.

She buried her face in her hands and pitched forward into the sand, curling into a tight little ball as she wailed herself hoarse and sobbed herself dry.
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