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Lily almost laughed at one of the things Sarah managed to say through her tears. Calm and collected. She couldn't speak for Miranda, but Lily was far from that. About as calm as an LA highway in rush hour. At least it reassured Lily of one thing; her ability to bullshit wasn't completely gone. Otherwise the fact that she was terrified would've cracked through the surface easily.

Lily almost felt good about Miranda being paranoid, meant she wasn't alone in how she felt. Considering what was going on, the journalist figured she'd soon be worrying about every little sound too. A cracking twig in the woods could be a classmate with a machete or a baseball bat or an automatic weapon ready to kill themselves a little bit closer to a ticket home.

Lily couldn't believe she'd been asleep for a whole day. It was a miracle that someone hadn't come along and put her down while she'd been doing her best Sleeping Beauty impersonation. Then again, maybe it would've been a blessing to not have to see whatever was in store for her in the next few days. Lily made mental notes of the names Miranda dropped, in case they (they, she had no intentions of splitting away from the group) ran into any of them. Not that it mattered right now. If Sarah said there was a big guy slaughtering people nearby, Lily wanted to have as much real estate as possible between her and him.

"Breaking off from the group is the absolute last thing I want to do at this point, Sarah." Lily said. Something about the girl seemed off, though. Lily didn't want to be suspicious, couldn't afford to be, but something didn't sit quite right. She waited as Miranda asked what weapon Sarah had, which would've been a useful piece of information.

While she waited for Sarah's answer, Lily tried to go through her mental database and try and figure out what weapon she could pretend she had in case she had to bluff her way through a situation in more detail. She thought a gun might be best; her previous ruse with Miranda had probably succeeded based on her fears that it was a gun. But what kind would be believable? Lily could've rattled off one or two names that meant little to her but hopefully meant nothing to them either. Beretta, Glock, Smith and Wesson, names she knew in general but had no models to go with them. Details are everything, she had always learned from her mom when working on stories. Details made or broke writing; a generic title wouldn't lend much credibility to her bluff.

Lily thought more, to her father. He had had a gun, some ugly, black thing with a short barrel. Lily had asked about it once when she was about 14, her natural curiosity somehow held on it until then. He had told her, simply, easily,

"Some people're unreasonable when it comes to spending money. Had one customer pull a knife on me when I told him his Caddy was about dead unless he spent quite a bit. I keep my Model 36 on me in case that ever happens again." He had ruffled Lily's hair, a gesture she was annoyed by back home but sorely missed now. "Want to be sure I get home to you, baby."

Lily wished she could guarantee doing the same for her father, but at least she had the foundation for her bluff now. Her father had a Smith and Wesson Model 36 revolver, so now, that's what she had as far as anyone else on the island knew.
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