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((breaking the post order as well. Mike's close to inactivity, AND we really need to wrap up this thread...))

Mike really hoped the rest of the guys will agree with his plan, but he never expected them to be even more enthusiastic about it than the Pole himself. The fat guy was maybe even too enthusiastic, considering his behavior just a minute before, but Mike quickly dismissed his doubts. After all, who wouldn't be happy if he would actually believe he found the way to escape the island. Not a perfect way, as terrorists probably managed to hide great amount of things, but certainly the best one they had. So they had to try.

"Thanks guys!" He replied to Max and Fatty. "I really appreciate your words. And now..." Mike looked at the map and the compass he took off his daypack just a few seconds ago. "Lighthouse right? So we need to go... East. Let's go, we don't have much more time to lose."

And with those words, Mike started walking in eastern direction, toward the lighthouse.

Fuck you, Danya, or whatever your name is. I'm not going to die here.

((Mike Maszer continued in Searching For Clues))
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