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(OOC: Yeah, I can't wait anymore, unfortunately. I've gotta get Violetta outta here.)

"Hmm...those all sound kind of good, but..." She looked around, shivering a bit as she thought of one of her fellow classmates being impaled on the fence near them. There was a brief flash where she imagined Cyrille on there, blood pouring out of her body and she paled, quickly rubbing her eyes as she tried to shut out the sight. Taking in a couple of deep breaths to calm down her pounding heart, she gave a nod towards Owen. "Uh...let's try going for the town, then. If there are other people, we'll just have to be careful, right? I've got no plans on getting shot by some asshole who decided to play."

"Anyway, we probably should just get going...I don't want to stay in one place too long." She flashed Owen a brief smile before taking out her own map and going towards what she hoped would be the city. "I'll see you there!"

(Violetta Lindsberg continued in Penny For Your Thoughts?.)
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