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In some cultures, what I do is considered normal.
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It was trite. It was practically cliché. It was a scene out of every B horror movie ever made. Two unassuming teenagers standing in front of a rundown building in a decaying fun fair, pausing to debate the safety the hall of mirrors offered from the monsters they were running from.

Roman nearly giggled as the thought ricocheted around in his head. Whenever he was overly tired, strange ideas randomly appeared in his mind. And of course, the more inappropriate, the funnier they were. ‘We’re really being held captive so that can someone can indulge their childhood dream of making a terrible, terrible horror movie. This thing will be MST3K quality. But Acacia and I, we're gonna be okay because we’re not making out. We should be fine as long as nobody says…”

His eyes widened as Acacia uttered the fateful statement.

"Shall we look around, see if anyone's here?"

As if on cue, there was a scream from inside the building. It was guttural. Primal. Tortured. Roman wasn’t even sure it was entirely human. Something heavy clattered around inside as the howl echoed and died away.

“Why on earth did you say that?” he hissed at Acacia as he dropped the map and desperately clawed through his bag, looking for his assigned weapon. “You just tempted fate and there’s something in there and if we go inside, it’s going to claw us to death and wear our skin for hats!”

His fingers settled around the bottom of the sun baton and he gripped it with an intensity that left his knuckles white. He could just *see* the hideous, snarling mutant beast come bursting out at them, salvia flying everywhere as it charged. Roman whimpered as he pictured it tearing the two of them limb from limb.
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