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Not a player. Anna Chase. Bit of an oddball. Nerd?
"Shut up, brain."
She's not going to kill you. Are you going to kill her?

Slowly, very slowly, Ben walked forwards.

There she was. Black hair ran down her scared face. Glasses, or just lines around her eyes. Short. Slightly bony. Pale like a ghost. Black garb on her body. He never really noticed her at school that much. She was into that cartoon anime thing, wasn't she? That was the only thing he could remember from her. A slightly dark oddball.

"Ben Powell."

He didn't realise that he was pointing the paintball gun at her for a few seconds. Almost as if she was an animal. Something to shoot. His enemy. Now was the time. He didn't have a choice, did he? Play or die. Kill or be killed. There wasn't any point in being a hero, was there? Go on. Shoot her in the eyeballs. Blind the bitch and choke her. Succumb to the game. Go on. Do it. His chest heaved at the thought, blood running through him, heart beating. You ain't the hero.

"I... I'm not playing."

And he pried his shaking hands off the gun, forcing them to his sides.

You think you can defend this person? Like Jacob? Paige?

Exhaling, he shook his head. "Fuck... you scared me. I... well, I'm kinda edgy right now. Can I sit? I don't know what I'm doing anymore."

Shut up, brain. I'm going to get everyone off this island. I can. Somehow.
B069 Ben Powell: That's a bout. Salute. Shake hands.
G052 Sapphire McLeod: The Youngest Was The Most Loved
G084 Eve Walker-Luther: The Prime Time Of Your Life

Game Over. Continue?
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