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I'm a wizard and that looks fucked up.
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Smiling, Saul watched her take a bite into the chocolate. On an island of death, corruption, and betrayal, and here she is enjoying a chocolate bar. I wish I could be like that. Just content to eating candy, not worrying about what's around every corner, hoping that every step won't walk you straight into an ambush.

Hearing her realization, he came back to reality. That's right. He's the husky. It seemed like a lifetime ago. In all his time on the island, Garry was his only real reminder of home. Of how things were. He remembered the sports shop at the arena. He sighed, remembering the girl behind the counter. He never did get to ask her if she wanted to go to dinner some time. "Yeah..." he responded, "The husky guy. That's me."

He smiled weakly, hoping his silent musing, hoping his face did not betray his thoughts. Then she spoke again. This time, the words carried much more weight and meaning.

Were they going to die?

Logically, there could only be one survivour. The chances of either of them being the last one standing were about 280 to one, give or take a few students. He already heard the names of the deceased. Nobody he knew, other than Cyrille... Right now, they were just the unlucky ones. Back to his thought, even if both of them survived to the end, one would have to kill the other, or they both would die. The odds massively stacked against them, he looked to her and said,

"No way!"

He grinned. He had to be strong. He already lost one person he promised to help. Never again. Never would he let someone down like he let Cyrille down. Like he let Garry down. Never again would he be left behind, his friend's back to him, his voice unheard.

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