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Sapphire rolled her eyes as Saul looked away and giggled. They were on an island with potential killers, and here he was avoiding looking at her knees. Shaking her head, she bit into the chocolate and smiled. "Oh right, you were the husky!" she mumbled through her full mouth. Swallowing, she said it again, slightly easier to understand.

With a sigh, she looked back up into the trees. It was peaceful here. What would she be doing if she was at home? Beading? Watching TV? Would she be watching SotF at home if she didn't go on the trip? Watch her classmates die? No. She wouldn't be able to stand it. Sapphire used to wince at bones of things at museums, before she realised that they were plaster moulds. To see a body would probably make her freeze in shock, unable to move. And if it was by her own hands...

"We're really going to die here, aren't we?"

She closed her eyes.
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