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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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"Ugh... my lungs... how the frack can you sing!?"

((Felicia Carmichael continued from Random Spawns are a Bitch))

Felicia panted, groaned, huffed, and made noises that could be described through other synonyms as she trudged up after Samaya. Of all the places that they could have gone on this island, of all the paths to get there, Samaya had to insist on the chuckle-fucking mountain. Her body simply wasn't made for this sort of trip; Felicia's muscles were toned for the strenuous activities of clicking a mouse, jamming away on a keyboard, slamming her hand down on a desk and pointing an accusing finger at a prosecutor during a mock court case, and strenuously arguing with trolls on the internet. They weren't made to combat a freaking mountain.

To see Samaya being so joyful, spinning around after a nice rest (something that Felicia didn't get earlier. She had the weapons, after all), while Felicia was finally reaching the point where she could really use a couple hours of shuteye herself was... immensely irritating. She wished she could throw a rock or something at Samaya, but the girl could only huff and puff her dissatisfaction, and try to catch up when the other girl had stopped for a little whirly-gig break.

Yeah, yeah, Sammy... you spin me right round and all that, but I'm gonna spin you right off this damned rock!

Finally, after those last few agonizing steps decided to stretch themselves into miles, Felicia leveled herself with Samaya. She raised her finger to say something, but her arm flopped downward. The rest of her body followed suit, with her turning to land on her butt first, then flop backwards into a completely prone state. Felicia could feel the slight weight of the gun in her hoodie pocket pressing against her, and the daypack leaning on her a bit, but she didn't care... she really didn't feel like moving.

"Ha... h-" Felicia encounted the painful experience of exploding into a coughing fit and laughing at the same time. As an interesting lesson learned, it turns out that doing that SUCKED. After the coughing and pain had subsided, though, she went back to her chuckling.

"Man... we're... we're gonna make it, Sammy. You just keep spinnin' and I'll hang onto you, and you can be a helicopter!" Mumbling the last few words, Felicia adjusted herself and shut her eyes.

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