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Can you hear me?
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Her eyes slowly closed.

Hopefully no psycho was going to interrupt her dozing. Chase knew very well that she had sleeping problems when she was stressed out, and that this island probably wasn't going to let her rest for very long. It was probably a good idea to rest while she could. Maybe once it got dark, she could check for that shelter thing. Again, maybe a building of some kind.

Soon enough, she was clearly to some extent in a light doze, her chest lowering and raising in a slow rhythm. Yes... sleep was good...

However, said sleep only lasted... oh, about five seconds.


Chase's eyes opened right away at the extremely loud screeching sound. Okay, what was that? Clearly, someone was nearby, and they were shouting things, of course. So, why did they have to interrupt her well-needed rest? Were they some sort of psycho, too? Not another one, hopefully. Chase was really getting tired of this already. She did not need Meredith Hemmings shooting a gun while shouting "Death is totally goth!" or some other psychotic-acting student right now.

She lifted herself back up into a standing position, and looked around her.

No one.

Either that, or that other person (people?) was very well-hidden. Which wasn't a good sign, at all. They could be literally anywhere at anytime.

Was it worth talking to them?

On one hand, they could be someone actually helpful, and not just talk while she is being attacked. On the other, it could be... well, someone like Mr. Russian Mystic. Hopefully it was the former, and not the latter. She could still remember what Robert looked like... the way his eyes looked... and Chase didn't want to join him, either. It was a miracle of god that she didn't throw up or something.

So, what was the right thing to do, then? There were multiple choices here. She could run, hide, fight, or try to talk to them. All of which could result in her death if she wasn't careful.

She hesitated, and then shouted back, cupping her hands around her mouth just like yesterday.

"Who is this? Person shouting about the... uh, playing? It's Anna Chase!"

A brief pause. Should she say it?

Yes, maybe she should.

"I'm not planning on doing anything like that, promise! Iwasjustsleeping!"

So there. There were multiple outcomes here. One, it turned out to be some sort of psycho that would promptly rip her to shreds, slice her skin off, use her skull as a drinking cup, and have sex with what's left. Two, it was someone she knew very well and trusted. Three, it was someone she didn't know, but would be willing to be an ally. Four, said person just goes about their business, leaving her be. Five, it was a hallucination or something like that. And six... damn, she couldn't think of any more outcomes.

In which case... then what?

She looked back at her backpack, wondering if it would make a good makeshift bludgeon in the scenario that it turned out to be the skull cup using kind of student here. She wasn't planning on being a skull cup, no siree. So she lifted it up, and held it to her chest. Sure, it might damage the contents inside it (she never really completely checked the contents just yet), but it was something. Plus, it might prevent a Nancy type scenario in the future.

All this to prevent becoming... Robert.

God, even if people didn't get her up, just that alone would keep her awake. She could vaguely remember the distant smell, the whirring sound of the chainsaw, the sound of shouting. It was still vague and a blur, but she could remember what Robert looked like very vividly. It continued to bring chills down her spine, even just picturing it. But, she kept reminding herself that it provided a good reason to live.

Please not Rasputin. Please not Nancy. Please not... oh hell...

Coming to a V7 near you.
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