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Everything seemed to be a blur as she rubbed her eyes across her face.

Oh god, they really were dead. Gone. Killed.

But what was there to do? What would happen if she met Kris or Rob? What about Reiko? If she met her, would she still be the same person that she was before? Reiko was a good person. She wasn't a cold blooded murderer!

Yes, that had to be it.

Reiko was defending herself, most definitely. The Reiko Carol had first met on the first day of school wasn't the type to be going around killing people at random, even if they were Sally. In fact, if anything, she was off looking for Reika. But... Reika was gone, and...

Carol sobbed harder.

Never again. Never again would Paige and Amber talk about gossip with each other. Never again would Reika play music. Never again would Carol talk with them, just hanging out. They were gone, taken away from her and everyone who ever cared about them.

None of them deserved it.

Sure, Amber could be annoying at times, but in the end, she was a good person. So was Paige and Reika. And Reiko. And now... Carol couldn't save them. She couldn't save any one of them.

She was too late.

And the only thing she had worried about hours ago was some water. Some stupid water that she was freaking out over, while people she cared about were getting murdered. If she hadn't freaked out as much, could she have saved them? Maybe she could have met up with them before it was too late. She had a good weapon, she could have easily fought Kris or Robert off. And then everything would have been fine. Everyone would live.

She was only vaguely aware of someone whispering Kari's name. Where was she?

But, soon an arm wrapped around her.


Carol looked up, and stared at him with tearful eyes.

No one needed to die...

"I'm sorry..."

But for what?

Was she embarrassed that she was crying? No... she couldn't save the Ishidas, Amber, and Paige like she wanted. What would happen if her new group died, just like them? What about Ben and Jacob? Where were they? They were still alive, right? Alive... and not killing.

And what would she do if she met Kris or Robert? What then? Could she avenge their deaths? But she knew very well that she couldn't kill.

And her group.

She had to keep them alive, too. She... just had to.

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