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(Skipping ahead with permission from Rattlesnake)

To say that Phil's reaction was a surprise would have been naive beyond belief. Recognizing the burly hockey player from the sound of his voice, Tom had instinctively backed off a step or two further into the tunnel where he had just come from. And fortunate that he had done so, as the next thing he knew, a very solid mass was lunging towards him. Phil may have been a bulky man, but he was also an athlete. He would have been upon Tom in an instant if the self-imposed comedian hadn't been expecting it, and already on the move as well. He wasn't as strong as Phil, that was certain, but Phil was an ice skater, not a runner, and so Tom had him on footwork.

Trying to take me by surprise, buckaroo? Boy, you don't know who you're dealing with right now.

As a result, when Phil tried to close the distance, Tom hopped back and quickly recovered his balance, bringing the ready sword close to his body and making a charge of his own, tip first. The weight of the blasted thing had nearly sent him stumbling towards a wall, and it was only by virtue of having the thing already close to his side that he hadn't made an utter ass out of himself and lost the fight right there. As it was, trying to use a multiple-foot long weapon in these tunnels was asking for it. He'd have to land this thrust here, otherwise he'd probably get the sword struck on the ceiling or a wall if he had to work it into a different position.

Wonder how those two further ahead are taking this. They ought to get some popcorn or something, because I'm going to give them a show.
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