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Frankie continued truidging through the cavern, trying to keep to what little light there was instead of venturing into the pitch-black parts. As far as Frankie knew, she didn't have a torch, or indeed fucking anything on her. All she had was her useless fucking phone and the bag on her back, which she wasn't even sure was hers.

Frankie stopped dead in her tracks. For a second, she swore she could hear something. A number of voices, quietly echoing off the stone walls. Frankie stopped, and the voices stopped too. Fuck, was she hearing things now? No, there were people close-by. Frankie tensed up as she started walking again. It got a lot harder to move in the darkness, expecting an attack at any movement, eyeing the side-passageways with each step for assailants lying in wait.

It was this over-cautiousness, however, that caused her to collide with a sprinting asian girl holding an oar. This, would normally warrant taking a step back and checking that, yes, she did just see that asian run forwards, clutching a fucking oar as a weapon, and yes, she was rushing straight at her, but Frankie didn't have the luxury of time to think as the two girls collided, sending both crashing to the floor, the asian girl shrieking like a banshee and almost knocking Frankie back into unconsciousness.

Frankie collided with the floor with a dull thud. God, that hurt. She was struggling to breathe. Her chest felt tight, the bitch had fucking winded her. Had the bitch just shoulder tackled her? What the fuck had she done to her to deserve that shit? Groaning, Frankie rolled over and began, for the second time today, attempting to push herself up.

"The fuck was that for?" Frankie barked at the girl, slowly making her way back up to her feet. "What the fuck did I do to you, you stupid cunt?!"

And that was that. The bitch fucking curled up in a ball and turned on the waterworks. Frankie didn't fucking care. The asian was probably going to make it sound like it was Frankie's fault, like she didn't know where she was going, like she was the villain and the poor poor tiny asian girl only wanted to hide. Frankie wanted an answer, she wanted the bitch to explain herself. She wasn't particularly sure why, if she was honest. It wasn't really that much of a deal compared to the damage the asian could have done to her, but hey, wouldn't hurt to get the bitch to feel guilty about it.

"Hey, are you even fucking listening to me?" Frankie was close to grabbing the bitch and slapping her to get her out of wallowing in her self-pity, but she decided not to. It wouldn't be good to give anyone reason to believe it was her fault, and not the asian bitch's. "I'm fucking talking to you, listen to me!"
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