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((Samaya Boen-Hilstrand continued from Random Spawns are a Bitch ))

Samaya sighed and walked up the terrain that was gradually growing steeper. She wasn’t sure why she’d suddenly decided to climb the mountain, but she didn’t seem to have anything else to do.

When she’d finally made it out of the swamp wilderness stretched in front of her. She curled up under a tree to catch a few hours of sleep. She’d awoken to find herself still trapped on this island. Sighing, she’d pulled herself to her feet, brushed herself off and started walking. She dug in her pack and pulled out a mostly crushed loaf of bread. She pulled a couple of slices out and returned the loaf to her pack. She began walking again, munching on the bread as she went. Not the most filling breakfast, but it’d have to do.

Samaya had wandered without a clear destination in mind, when she paused to look around she found she’d traded swamp for forest. Not much of an improvement she thought. Well at least the ground’s not squishy. She continued walking and came to a clearing, looking out she figured she must be at least halfway up the mountain now. It provided a pretty good view. She spun in a circle taking in the view. She spun again and let out a little giggle. The spinning reminded her of the opening of one of her favorite movies.

“The hills are alive with the sound of music,” she began singing softly to herself. “With songs they have sung for a thousand years,” she continued her voice getting louder with every line. “The hills fill my heart with the sound of music…”
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