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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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The bump wasn't even a jostle for Phil, he felt the contact but what stung more was the snarky voice of one Tom Guthrie. The boy's ruthless comedy had made fool of the hockey player more than once and the boy had always darted back in the schoolyard, making comments of how serious Phil was taking everything. Most people tended to shut up around the boy but Tom Guthrie wasn't one of them. Cranky from the haunted sleep of the last night and tired from the exhaustion of the previous days activities Phil whirled around to glare at Tom.

The skinnier boy was barely lit in the light and even with the taunts and the inconsiderate jibe that Tom delivered Phil might of stayed his hand but a flash of Jennifer's light lit up the sword clutched in Tom's hands and Phil moved. With nowhere to run and an audience of at least two he knew that now was the time to show he wasn't a school yard bully, he wasn't a murderer and he would help people. If Jen and Nick could see that he wasn't a bad guy maybe they'd help him find the Kronwalls. They surely would of united the other hockey players be now and formulating a plan to escape the clutches of this terrorist trap. It was a pity Phil hadn't heard the announcements, for if he did the course of events could of turned out very differently.

As things were however Phil had the chance, he thought, to play the hero and more importantly take sweet sweet revenge on someone who had always escaped his wrath in the schoolyard. "Don't think that pointy stick's going to save you Guthrie, you deserve this, and I ain't going to let you hurt anybody!" A brief smile crossed Phil's lips as he finished his sentence. Surely that last bit would make the others see that he was the good guy here and they would cheer him once he wrested the weapon from Tom's hands and made the boy surrender.

Pushing off from his heels Phil lunged at Tom, hoping to close the distance between the two to render the boy's reach useless.
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