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She couldn't help but raise an eyebrow as Kevin tried desperately to distract her attention by alerting her to Rosa's desertion. Why the hell should SHE care that Rosa decided to do the sensible thing and make a run for it whilst the going's good? It was already becoming pretty obvious by now that she'd never trust her in million years after her little stunt, so why should she continue to waste her time trying to hopelessly earn it? All that it's achieved so far is Vera nearly losing her only weapon to some asshat with a football for a brain...

From the looks of things, Craig and the suddenly conscious Trent seemed to have the same idea as Rosa and fled too, leaving her all alone with THIS bastard of all people. A bastard who'd just burst in unannounced and started threatening to bash hid own teammate's friend's brains out. A bastard who'd of probably tried to just waste them all on the spot anyway if he ever got his hands on the gun Vera currently had trained on his chest. Come to think of it, what exactly was stopping her from filling him with lead on the spot and getting it all over and done with? Kevin's presence on the island would only makes things worse for other people, so if anything killing him now would solve more problems then it'd cause in the long run. Plus, with Kevin dead she could have the house all to herself, which was pretty much her original goal to start with. To find a place she could actually call home for a couple of days...

...So why hadn't she pulled the trigger yet?

I...... I can't... I Just can't do this! It's against everything I've always believed in! Sure, I'll be the first person to admit that I'm something of a hypocrite. I've indulged in typically capitalistic pleasures on more then one occasion in the past... But damnit, this is going too far! Murdering people in cold blood is wrong, not matter what way you look at it. I'm not going to let myself die here, but I'll be damned before I reduce myself to HIS standards!

Despite her decision to spare Kevin, her weapon's sights still remained firmly on his chest. She wouldn't kill him in cold blood, but if he DID try to pull a fast one on her she wouldn't hesitate for a second in gunning him down on the spot.

"Listen here asshole... I'm leaving now, and if you're actually stupid enough to try and follow me I'll fill you with more holes then a fucking tea bag, GOT IT?"

On that note, she slowly but surely backed off into the office, keeping her gun aimed at Kevin at all times as she quickly slung her bag over her shoulder. She paused for a moment, feeling relieved that of all the windows Kevin smashed it had to have been the office one, before quickly clambering through the open gap whilst she still had the chance. After landing on the grassy floor outside (Cutting her hand slightly on one of the many shards of glass that had fallen onto the ground) she quickly got back up onto her feet and made a run for it into the surrounding foliage, barely even noticing the small group of people who'd shown up nearby. Who the hell are... Oh whatever, they're Kevin's problem now. Not mine...

What a curious day it had been... First she'd awoken to find herself in the most infamous reality TV shows on the planet Then she discovered that she'd been lucky enough to receive one of the deadliest weapons in the game. Then she'd ended up in a pointless Mexican standoff with somebody who didn't even have a gun to start with. And NOW she's running as fast as she could from a house containing a borderline-psychotic dipshit threatning people with a freaking shovel!

Geez, I can hardly wait to see what surprises tomorrow will bring...

((Vera Osborne continued in Walk The Line))
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