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((I'm really sorry, but I have to break post order, guys, I didn't realize how close to inactivity I am))

Timothy listened to this plan from the Polish kid go on and on about some plan. It was very very complex and he was having trouble trying to process what exactly the plan was. He thought about it for about a good half a minute before he caught on. He knew that there was a reason that he should hang out with the smart athletes! It took a long-ass time for it to actually pay dividends but thank the lord it happened!

For the first time on this hellhole of an island, he let out a large smile. It was large and it was genuine. A way of the island! It was like winning the state lottery! Only it involved, not dying!

Timothy waddled over toward the Mike whatshisname, and patted his back twice.

"Mikey my friend...You are fucking brill? You know that?"

They had wanted to go to the lighthouse, and then the radio tower, wherever that was. Sure it meant that he would be in a wheelchair for a year as his feet would be too swollen for him to walk but, details. He was going to get the fuck out of here!

"Ok then dudes, you guys have a map! I'm ready for this! Lead the way and I'll fucking follow brother!"

If he wasn't so tired, he would have danced a jig right then and there. Instead, he reached for a bottle of water in his pack and began to chug, letting out a relieved sigh. He unscrewed the cap and then placed it into the bag.

"So are we going to get moving or what? I mean like if we have a plan we gotta act on it before we can't get to it y'know? I mean don't they like, close off an area or something?"
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