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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Craig had awaited a response from Vera, or Kevin, or anybody, really. Rosa had already given him the response of running away from the whole situation, and Craig honestly wished he could do the same. There were two things that kept him from doing exactly that, however, and the both of them were big problems. Trent still didn't seem like he was going to be able to go anywhere, which served as the main problem at the moment. After all that work to help him out, Craig couldn't just leave him here. Vera could possibly shoot him, but more likely, Kevin would just be a dick and hit him in the head with that shovel.

Speaking of Kevin, Craig wasn't sure why everybody was acting up. Yeah, some terrorists had told them to kill everybody, but the boy was still absolutely convinced that nobody was actually up to do the deed. No... it just wasn't right. They were all normal people, just kids. Besides, everybody he saw so far was alive, so... surely, nobody had died. It was impossible. Kevin sure was being an asshat, but that was Kevin. Vera was also being suspcious, but that was because Kevin was being such a ridiculous... well, asshat. Then there was Craig's girth. The boy inwardly sighed as problem number two brought itself up in this seperate train of thought. Not only would it keep him from running, probably, but it always made everybody think he was threatening. Normally, that wasn't much of a problem but if girls like Vera were going to freak out every time they saw him, what if-

Craig's worries were interrupted when, against all expectations, Trent sat up. Then, Trent stood up.


Then Trent began to walk out the door, daypack in hand.

Craig was stunned for a little bit, but the period passed when he realized... holy shit, Trent was leaving! Without even thinking of anybody's reactions, Craig grabbed his own daypack and powered out for the door after Trent, not caring if he had to push by Kevin to do it. What was the kid gonna do, hit him with the shovel when there was a gun pointed at him? Even he wasn't that stupid, even if he was a typical football player of the non-artistic variety.

At least, Craig hoped that.

((Craig Hoyle, continued in Laurel and Hardy Got NOTHIN' on Us))
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