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(Tom Guthrie continued from My Kingdom for a Plan)

Tom wasn't entirely sure where he had been wanting to go, but he made his way to the caves, as he was feeling a little perturbed. He was a part of a group that seemed to hang on its leader's every word, even when a person with a basic knowledge of human nature could tell that the man was just using them. This was really putting him in a bad mood, not helped by the fact that his contacts were starting to get irritating, and he had had to switch them out for his glasses. It wasn't that he hated the way they looked, but he was getting annoyed enough with this island without dew or other stuff slapping onto his glasses as he roamed the blasted island.

As if on cue, a bit of water dripped onto Tom's head as he stepped further in these tunnels. It took a little bit of effort to avoid saying something explicit, and he walked onwards. Honestly, he just hoped that he'd lose Aaron and the others, maybe so he had an excuse to leave the group that didn't seem like he was abandoning them. He had long ago decided that what happened to the lot of them was no longer his problem, and he now just needed to find a good way to get out.

Little did he know, but the means by which he'd escape Aaron's group was waiting further into these tunnels. He didn't see the man hiding in the shadows as he walked down the same corridor, and as a result, he ended up walking into him as he tried the same ploy to approach Nick and Jennifer. "Hey! What the heck are you doing, lard butt?" he exclaimed as he leapt back in surprise, pulling his sword from his daypack reflexively. "Geez man, are you trying to make someone stub a toe on you or something?" Tom wasn't aware of it, but this was not the best man to goad or insult, but he'd learn of it soon enough.
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