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As Jay began impersonating a commando in the Vietnam War and going off on his own fun little imaginative adventure, Sunil decided to hang back instead of following him. John and Jojo did decide to go along with Jay on his little scouting trip, but Sunil decided against joining them. He was keeping an eye on them to see they didn't do something stupid or went too far away, but, frankly, if there was a player around the corner, Sunil had to admit to himself that he'd, rather selfishly, prefer Jay or Jojo or John to be in the firing line. And if it was another student who wasn't playing that the three came across, Sunil was sure the Js would be able to handle it better than he would be able to. Of course, if a player decided to come to Sunil, then he'd be fucked, but staying here was overall the safest and most pragmatic option.

So, leaving them to their little search, Sunil resumed staring at the foliage around him, losing himself in his thoughts.

Just as Sunil's thoughts were beginning to turn to thinking about what his parents would do with his stuff if he died (Sunil had quite a lot of expensive possessions that he quite liked, but he had earned it via hours of doing chores and part-time jobs and behaving well, not just by asking for it and giving his parents puppy dog eyes like most kids of his social class), a passing bee decided it would be a great idea to try and intrude on his personal space. Sunil wasn't allergic to bees, and he wouldn't say he was scared of them, he just had had more than enough encounters with them in the past and being stung right now was something he'd rather avoid. Being stung was not only a painful experience, but the pain often reduced him to a gibbering wreck, and that would just be embarrassing.

So, jumping to his feet and quickly scooping up the few possessions he currently had, an anxious Sunil began backing away from the buzzing pest. Being stung in this situation would really just be adding insult to injury.

Unfortunately, the bee seemed persistent in following him, so Sunil turned and began to walk away at as fast a pace as he could manage. He began heading towards the direction where his teammates wandered off to, in some vain hope that the bee would be scared off by them or decide one of them was a juicier target. Eventually, he heard talking from a girl's voice. Reassuring them that she wasn't armed, that if they shot her she wouldn't blame them, but they'd feel guilty afterwards. Apologising.

What the hell was she babbling about?

Now wishing he'd followed them initially rather than hanging about until a player (or in this case, a bee) made him move so he'd know the context of the girl's little monologue, he continued fast-walking, getting increasingly agitated and a little bit fearful. Did that voice belong to this Maria? And if that was the case, why was she apologising so much to her allies? Maybe someone had already died and this Maria girl they trusted so much was the murderer?....no, that wouldn't have happened. As quickly as the possibility of death occurred to Sunil, he had pushed it back into his mind, ignoring it, trying to come up with more positive answers to what was happening.

So, when he emerged into the area where the body was, standing between the dumbstruck Jay and Jojo, Sunil really had no way of preparing for the morbid, distressing sight he saw. On the bloodstained ground lay a body, a girl. Next to it was another girl. The murderer. The one who had been speaking. Trying to save her own skin by acting all sympathetic and saying a long little diatribe what pretty much amounted to "Oh, I feel bad now, and you'll feel bad too if you kill me."

Sunil had no idea how to respond, no idea what to do, he didn't even know what to think. People had already started killing. He had been spending the past few years in classes filled with students who were just one little prompt away from becoming a cold-blooded murderer. He felt sick. Burying his head in his hands, partially to cover his eyes and keep them from staring at the horrific scenario in front of him, Sunil stood there, unable to talk, move or do anything.
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