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God was telling you "not yet".
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But nothing came.

All around him blew the silent winds of the dark world, but not one carried the breath of the man who had thrown him into his current position. Cautiously, he opened his eyes, careful not to catch his stepfather's own looking right back at him. Only, as he did so, he noticed something terrible had occurred while he sat there, bracing for the next strike.


The man was nowhere in sight. Not a whisper of him remained, not even a single stitch from his tacky-looking suit. As Trent began to relax, he realized what was happening. Looking down at his own body, he could see that all his wounds and tears and scrapes were beginning to mend themselves, as though they had never existed to start with. The agonising throbbing he'd been feeling was calming down, and his mind felt like it been washed clean.

A song began to play through the air, as the demons came to greet him, and he paused for a second, sitting perfectly still as the lyrics danced upon his tongue.

"I... feel safe. I... feel scared."

His eyes glossed over as the words lit up the sky, blazing out across the clouds as the darkness dissolved away from the world. As he sang - in a voice reminiscent of a young, troubled prisoner - the ground and the earth peeled itself apart, like the skin of an orange, and it kept on going until the boy was left spinning in the depths of an endless, black abyss.

"I... feel ready."

The demons swam towards him now, struggling to breathe in the crushing expanse that lay out ahead. Taking Trent by the shoulders, they dragged him down, towards a spiralling red light, and once they were close enough they let him say his farewells. After all, this was no time to be emotional. He'd be back before they knew it.

"And yet... unprepared."

Rolling their little demon eyes back into their heads, they gathered together and gave him an almighty push into the descent.



Trent awoke with a start. The memories of that place would never bother him again, which meant that he now had to come with answers for a few little questions he had. Like, how the fuck did he get here? Where exactly was here? He assumed it was the cabin he'd met Craig near earlier, but his vision was blurred and he couldn't quite tell. Oh, that was a point. Where the hell was Craig? Had he left him all alo-

"Because Rosa's leaving you behind!"

That sounded like... shit, who was that voice? It sounded familiar, definitely. But then it sounded so panicked, so frantic. What was happening in front of him? Dammit, he couldn't even think properly with all this drumming in his head. The throb throb throbbing persisted, banging and booming inside his skull like the march of a soldiers' parade; bang, bang, bang, thud, thud, thud. God, it was all he could do to stop himself from breaking apart his cranium piece by jagged piece.

He twisted around in his spot, quietly and angrily behind the others, until the pain became too much for him to bear. He needed to get out of this intense atmosphere, away from whoever had a fucking shovel pointed at his face, and luckily enough he'd been dropped right next to the open door.

Holding on to his head with one hand, he hoisted himself up with the other. He knocked over his bag as he got to his feet, but he didn't care about making a fuss. All he wanted to do was get somewhere less... bright, and fast. Lazily scooping up his daypack, he dragged it out of the doorway behind him and began his struggle through the thicket - missing the huddled figures that watched him as he ran, hazily, away from the station.

((Trent Savage continued in Laurel and Hardy Got NOTHIN' on Us))
Hello again.
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