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"Good point," Miranda spoke. Nineteen deaths had occured and some seriously unhinged people were seemingly running about all over the island. Reiko particularly stood out, seeing how she had been the one to kill Cyrille, possibly only hours after she had abandoned her at the tunnels. And where was Reiko, or Kris, or Alex? Miranda had no idea at all, they could be absolutely anywhere. 'Even right behind you,' her mind told her.

Miranda whipped round in a panic and glanced behind her, seeing nothing but tree stumps, felled logs and the silhouetted form of the mountain in the distance behind her. 'Brilliant, I just made myself look like a paranoid mess. And just how long have we been here anyway?'

"Uh... I first woke up over a day ago, there's already been an announcement as well. You're either a heavy sleeper or they pumped a lot of sleeping gas into you," Miranda said, peeking back over her shoulder just to be sure she hadn't missed anyone hiding. "Uh, well... n-nineteen of our class h-have been...k... k..." She trailed off, unable to bring herself to say the k-word. "And all I can remember is that R-Reiko, Kris Hartmann, Alex Rasputin and Clio have... done it twice."

Miranda would have written the names down as they were read out, but she didn't have a pen on her at the time and so had to rely on her memory, which really wasn't at its best that early in the morning. As a result, she'd forgotten a handful of the names, and recalling the announcement, knowing full well that the names rattled off belonged to killers or people who'd now passed into the great beyond, was tearing her up.

Sarah suggested that it might have been a huge guy that killed Eve. The first person who sprang to Miranda's mind was her previous companion, Garry, and with his large bladed weapon and the amount of bloodshed it could potentially cause (or already caused, if her allegations were true), it made sense, except for the fact that Garry didn't sound like a murderer at the least.

'That doesn't mean anything. I knew Janet was a bitch, but I wouldn't have thought of her as a murderer, and look what she did,' she thought, wiping some tears from her eyes. 'And Garry seemed pretty pissed when I ran off, did he take it out on Eve then? I hope not...'

Sarah then offered her suggestion, one that Miranda immediately disagreed with. Why was Sarah suggesting that only one of them split off from the group? If that one person went off to look around, there was every chance that a killer lurking nearby could easily pick them off. 'Sarah doesn't know what our weapons are, right?' Miranda surmised. 'So what good is sending someone like me with a piece of wire? I could have a bundle of cotton wool for all she knows, like THAT would be helpful against a gun. Speaking of...'

"I don't know what to do right now. By the way, Sarah, what's your weapon?" Miranda curiously asked. "I don't think you told us."
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