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"Uh, hey."

Iím found out! Iím done for! Iím finished! Iím dead! Haruka quickly pulled back a couple of steps, her bangs fell across her shut eyes like a veil, her bottom lip quivering. Her routine defence mechanism took over again and she was frozen to the spot, obsolete.

Maybe he canít see me in the dark! Maybe this isnít actually happening! Maybe this is all a dream?!? Haruka slowly opened her eyes, and quickly shut them again with a light squeal. Itís real! Itís real! Itís real!

"You're not playing are you? Because we're not playing, and...uh, if none of us are playing, that'd be really great and...uh, stuff."

Liar! Liar! Liar! He wants toÖOh God, heís gonna kill me! I gotta turn, gotta run! Haruka slowly attempted to will herself into moving, but her legs were nothing more than jelly. Her knees knocked together uncontrollably and for a moment or two, she thought she was simply going to faint right there and then.

The boy, Duncan, held a sharpened stick in his hand. He was trying to lower it, make it look less threatening. The thought that his plea was genuine flashed in Harukaís mind, but her gut tied itself in a knot. She sensed danger, something horrible and violent was coming her way and she could do nothing but run and hide. Her grip on the oar was so tight she felt as if her fingers were going to snap under the pressure.

ďOh, uh...this. This is because I got a really, really bad weapon. We all did. So...uh, we ended up making these. They're not all that good..."

The oar wobbled pathetically, she was pretty sure that she appeared to be nothing more than a harmless baby in the eyes of Duncan, and whoever else was round the corner. What does he want with me? Why wonít he leave me alone? Haruka steadied her grip on the oar, hoping that maybe she could swing it into his head if he came at her. She also had the idea that even with all her strength behind the swing, sheíd do nothing more than bat the glasses off of his nose.

"...b-but if somebody attacked me, I'm sure I could fend them off with it. I-I'm not afraid to use it!"

Duncan McMahon was stuttering now, a sign of weakness. Haruka Watanabe knew all about that, she did it all the time. She tried to muster up courage, strength and even the slightest edge of violence, but the oar started shaking again. I canít win this battle! I couldnít win any battle! I can just run! I gotta go! She ground her teeth, digging her chin into her chest. Could sweat poured down the back of her neck, goosebumps running up and down her wrists.

"B-but you're not going to attack, right? Here, I'll just..."
Duncan had dropped the stick.

Now! He wonít! He canít attack me now! I canÖI can run! Haruka lifted her head, looking at Duncan in the eyes. She couldnít decide whether or not he was sincere, but she tried her best to look apologetic under the mask of grime and dust. I donít care about fresh air, I donít care about alliances, I just have to get away! She took slow baby steps backwards, her legs growing more and more steady.

She clenched her eyes shut and turned on her heel, and started running. Running away, just like I always do. Haruka thought, feeling uneasy. She geared up into a sprint and leant forwards into the movement. So what if she had just blown her first chance at getting out of the mines? At least she wasnít being impaled on a stake like some sort of vampire. She opened her eyes, scanning for dips and rocks that might cause her to fall over, but saw the dim silhouette of a girl instead.

Haruka let out an ear piercing scream as her legs gave way beneath her. The soles of her shoes skidded on the damp stone floor and her legs were taken from beneath her. She didnít spread out her arms, trying to pinwheel them for balance. She simply kept the oar clutched tightly to her chest and screwed her eyes shut. Her scream died into a faint squeak as she fell to the floor, sprawled onto her back. Haruka rolled onto her side, curling up into the fetal position, tears starting to stream down her grimy cheeks. ďI d-donít wanna d-d-die!Ē she whispered.
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