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Only as Peter told him to watch out with his weapon, Max realized how careless he was before. He basically paraded with his gun almost all of the time, and that COULD be the signal of hostility for someone. And if that certain someone is armed as well - tragedy could've happened.

"Yeah, sorry for that."

Max lowered the gun down, and took the binoculars from Peter. He didn't know Peter before (while being in friendly contact with every people he met in school so far, Max never really socialized much with people outside of his closest group of friends, apart from some occasional discussions about music on some completely random occasion), so he was quite amazed of crazy level of preparation for the trip, almost as he knew something bad will happen. Tent, binoculars, plenty of various tools (and probably there was even more of them in the first place, as the terrorists most likely took away any sharp object from their things). Maxwell couldn't hide his amazement.

"Wow, dude... You planned to spend the entire trip in the woods?" But before he could hear the answer, Max reminded himself, why did he took that binoculars from Peter in the first way. "Oh right, that's not important right now..."

Once again, Maxwell climbed the same tree stump and started looking at the silhouette in the distance... Only now it wasn't silhouette, but a normal human being, thanks to the binoculars. As he observed the surrounding, he spoke aloud about everything he noticed, so Peter could get the insight as well.

"Ok, there's a guy... And a girl now. One of them must've come here just a second ago, because I could swear there was only one person before." Max tried to recognize the two students in the distance but without luck, even though he was pretty sure he passed them a few times on the school corridor, especially the girl. "No idea who are they. I know that the girl appeared around everywhere in the school, but I don't know her name. As for the guy... No idea as well, but... Oh." Max spotted something important and potentially dangerous. "He's armed. Some kind of a rifle I think."

Maxwell went silent for a few seconds and observed the couple. Then, he spoke again.

"Ok, they're talking, I guess. Possible they argue, because they just turned their backs on each oth-" Before he could finish his sentence, Max noticed the true purpose of their action. Not really looking forward to watching another guy naked, Max put away the binoculars and got back to the ground. "Ooookay, I stand corrected... Apparently the guy's changing his clothes." Max gave the binoculars back to his owner before asking the obvious question.

"So... What now? They don't look very hostile... At least I think so... Should we approach them?"
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