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With a snort, Sapphire pulled out the electronic pet from her pocket. Something she could answer. "I'm a jewellery artist, very Christian and half the time I can't speak to anyone due to awkwardness. And to top it all off I got given a tamagotchi as a weapon. I don't think I'm player material."

Stretching upwards, she gave a smile. "Saul... I didn't know you from somewhere, did I." Her mind shuffled through people's faces and names, thinking. Oh well, she'd remember where he was from later. She proceeded to sit down on a part of the log and open her bag, getting out a bandaid. Lifting her dress up, she it on her cut knee. "Ach... stupid." Wincing, she took out a block of chocolate from her bag, cracking a corner off. Her last full block, from the looks of things. Must have dropped some at the lighthouse...

"Want some? It's good!" With a bright smile, she brought out her hand, offering a square or two.
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