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As much as she didn't want to move, she knew she had to.

As much as she didn't want to face her actions, there was nothing she could do. She knew she would have to live with what she had done and move on. That didn't mean that she had to repeat the same mistakes again. She didn't even know her victims name, but it's something that she couldn't let get to her.

If she felt sorry for herself, she was going to die. But her arms wouldn't respond to her mind. As emotion and understanding began to mix with fear, she wanted to run and hide. That's exactly what she would do. Hide from everyone else. She couldn't bring herself to kill ever again, but she did not want to die. She couldn't die. Not here, not on this island. Maybe if she could make it to the last two she could bring herself to fight for her life. But not this. She realized now that this wasn't right. That wasn't fair to anyone involved. And she had been the one who had done it.

She couldn't face anyone else. At least not right now.

After a small eternity, her head finally raised and surveyed the scene which she had just wrought. The crimson stained earth, surrounding the body of the angel which she had just sent home. The trees and bushes, leave straining in the breeze... and the bile which sat on the ground not feet away from her. The strange smell that the bile and the death combined to assault her nose. The feeling of the dirt, grass, and tears caked to her body. Her head swiveled, just in time to catalog the steel tip of a shotgun disappearing behind a bush.

And her strained voice forced words. However, to anyone who knew her, she sounded absolutely nothing like before. The harsh, cold feeling you got when she spoke in the real world was replaced with a softness. A compassion. An understanding that she had never had before.

"I... I see you back there." Her throat was dry and constricted, and her nose stuffed. But even through the sounds of sick, she still sounded a world different than she ever had before. "I'm not... not armed. Anymore..." She trailed off for a second, still unable and unwilling to move. "If you shot me where I sit, I would honestly understand. I kind of deserve it. But... Let me teach you something I just had to learn the hard way. You'll have to live with that kill for the rest of your life. It will change you. And whether or not you think it will... It will hurt."

She sighed, the pain of what she was about to say actually surfacing in her throat and her chest. "She didn't deserve this. Life wasted... I just wish I had realized sooner. I'm so sorry..." No longer was she staring at the bush behind which her potential assailant sat. No, her eyes had wandered back to Maria's body. She needed to say her apologies to Maria. "You'll go to heaven..." Yet another tear forged down her cheek. She pushed herself to her knees, not bothering to fix her hoodie, it haphazardly wrapping itself around her form.

"I'm sorry."
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