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Colin's choked voice wavered through the night, cutting the silence as if it were an Axe through hot butter. As little as Colin could control himself and his emotions, Tim's voice really did help to soothe him, to help him feel like everything was going to be alright. And even though it wasn't, it was comforting to know there was someone who cared enough about him to try and make him feel better, even though he had done the absolutely unthinkable.

"T-Thanks." The power behind his tears and emotion had unfortunately taken it's toll on his body, making his nose run and his eyes redden and puff up. A soft sniffle punctuated the serenity of the purely natural sounds overpowering the scene. He didn't deserve to ever know what it was to not feel sorrow and guilt again. But for that brief and shining moment, the singing really had helped. Not in the way that it did when he was younger, but in that it brought voice to his friend again.

There was one person left in the world who didn't still hate him.

Tony didn't hate him as he drew his final breath. In fact, the victim had forgiven the killer long before the act had ever been done.

Tim didn't hate him for whatever reason. Maybe he had rationalized the actions he had performed better than he himself could ever do. Or maybe he saw past the actions to the motivation and the truth behind the label that now adorned his very being.

But he would never stop hating himself for as long as he lived. Which as far as Colin was concerned, wasn't going to be more than a few more days. Colin felt that he deserved to meet his end on this island. He could never go back. As much as he wanted to feel his mother's warm embrace one more time before his time came, he knew he deserved nothing but the icy touch of the hand of death itself.

And yet the fire raged on. The love coming from Tim was still there. And as bad as Colin felt for even making Tim waste the energy to speak to him... It still felt nice. Not nice enough to make him forget or even push aside the deed that had been done. But it was still a comfort.

And through his entire thought process, he hadn't even realized he had been crying. The tears rolling down his cheeks still, the constant sniffling betrayed the guilt he felt, yet the soft smile that he dared to show only to the flesh of his knees showed only to the powers that be that he was already beginning to recover. Whoever said that time will heal all wounds was right. Colin would just never be left with enough time to heal this particular wound.

The voice of his companion broke his attention. Instead of more comfort however, bad news brewed.

"'Ey, Colin. There's someone over there.."

Through tear soaked eyes and blurred vision, Colin squinted in an attempt to determine anything at all about the newcomer. However through the red glow of the fire, the figure was indistinguishable as anything other than human. The only blessing that he saw was that he no longer had that Axe. He physically couldn't hurt this other innocent boy or girl if they meant no harm like Tony. But he also knew that he couldn't save his friend if the person were to attack the pair.

Not that there was any way he could bring himself to bring a weapon to bear against anyone ever again. No matter the circumstance. Something about the singer was broken in an absolute way. As much as his will to live existed when he felt the life of his friend was in danger, that will evaporated the moment the blood had spilled. If they were to die, apparently this would be the day. A soft, whimpering "I'm sorry" escaped his lips as he prepared for the worst, and prayed for the best.
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