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((Adrian Staib continued from Conquistador))

Adrian had been running for god knows how long now, and still hadn't found Sarah. With his body reaching it's limits, Adrian stepped onto the beach, and then promptly dropped his bags and sank to his knees. He was now beginning to regret running off after what happened back at the Residential Area. Sure, he wanted to find Sarah, but how could be be so selfish as to run off when Ben was defending himself? For all he knew, Ben could be dead now just because Adrian ran off! He was against a guy with a gun for god's sake! What if after shooting Paige, he just shot everyone else there too?

While these thoughts ran through Adrian's mind, he saw two others digging in the sand. There were a few dead bodies around them, but after seeing someone killed before him, Adrian wasn't as shocked as he thought he'd be. He recognized the two alive boys, but thanks to exhaustion coupled with the fact that he was really bad with names, he really couldn't place their faces to names. At a loss of what else to do, he decided to at least find out what they were doing. He slowly rose to his feet and moved closer to the other two.

"Um...Hey. What's going on? Anything I can do to help?"
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