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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Zach had this huge speech planned. It was going to blow the pants off of the jerk-off named Dustin FUCKING Royal, but that really depended on the guy actually disagreeing with him. Hell, Zach was so sure that Dustin would be an egotistical asshole and say "No, no way man, lemme go sit over here and drool Dauurggghhh!" No, he had to be a dismissive little bitch, leaving Zach biting his tongue. He was holding himself back. Zach really wanted to beat the shit out of this little bitch so hard.

No, he was a leader. Maybe bossing people around wasn't be as fun as he thought it would be. Bah. Then, thankfully, Aquafina spoke up and chewed Royal out. Zach grinned. Huh. Aquafina wasn't so bad after all. She said all he needed to say. The grin didn't last long, and it was replaced with his cigarette.

Zach just focused on the hole. Lame hole. Zach could have dug something much better with his bare hands. Yeah, damn well knew that. Heh. Bugs must be eating Warren now. Bad image. Zach closed his eyes tight. This cig wasn't helping him calm down. He was shaking again. God damn it.

That was when he came back to reality. He turned and noticed Maria.

The fuck was Raggedy Ann's problem? She looked like shit.

...Raggedy Ann? Jesus, she didn't even have red hair. You're losing it Zach. He shook his head, holding his palm to his forehead. He didn't say anything. This was rare but Zach thought it would be best to stay silent. Zach knew this wasn't good. They had a girl that was out of it, beaten to a bloody pulp. They were out in the open, slash that, they HAVE been out in the open for hours on end. Now Ash was asking what they should do and the last thing they should do is stay out here. Zach knew what they had to do. Seemed like the only good idea.

"Alright." Zach said. "This isn't a great place to discuss plans. We need to find a safe haven, some place to crash, whatever. There's a rec room not that far away, didn't check the place out but it looks completely empty. It's better than just staying out here. And with her around," he motioned to Maria, "it's important that we find a place that ain't so open. You got me? Only option we have, what with all seven of... uh, us?"

Zach just stared. Samya was in his line of view but he could make someone out. Jesus christ. Samya wasn't, uhh, fat, that wasn't what he meant at all. The thing he was trying to look at though was so far away. Wait, shit, that was somebody. Zach wasn't sure who. Fuck, he wasn't sure of the names of half of his group but at least he's seen their faces. Never seen this guy around. Ever. Frankly it was frustraiting. He had enough people to deal, what with a giggling girl, the Doc, Samya and Dustin fucking Royal. Kid raising his hands in the air. Hell was he doing?

"... Hey" Zach pointed to the boy. He turned to Samya. "You see that guy over there? What's he doing?" Zach shouted. "Hey. The shit are you doing man?"

Fuck peace. All Zach cared about was understanding what the hell was going on.
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