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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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The thin warped sounds of distant voices echoed out of the tunnel entrance as Phil stood before the gaping maw, his brow furrowed in concentration. Although he wouldn't admit it Phil was afraid of many things but having said this the dark was not one of them. He had no illusions about being jumped by a strange axe murderer in his sleep or strange creatures pouring out of the black. He wasn't stupid though. If there was a killer in there it would be one of his classmates. It took a few minutes of listening for the hockey player to piece together the puzzle. If there were two voices there that would mean that either they weren't killers or they were a team of killers plotting their next attack. He thought the latter was pretty unlikely given the high pitched warble of the female voice. Resolute Phil strode in, listening carefully so as to find his way to the students.

It took him the greater part of a minute to spot the dim light of a torch beam within the network of tunnels. The two weren't actually that far from the entrance, it was simply difficult to navigate in the dark without signage. Phil didn't have his claws any more. In fact, Phil didn't have anything and this made him wary. Without an advantage and not knowing who was in the light he resolved to take a more mediated approach than he had in the past. Of course this line of thinking was after he rationalised the fear in his stomach. Truth be told he still was in shock after seeing Francine erupt in to flame. He'd seen his share of blood but never had he seen someone scream as Francine did and the smell, the smell of burning flesh was something he could not erase from his mind, despite only barely catching the scent as he fled.

Keeping to the shadows Phil resolved to call out. He tried to make himself seem as friendly as possible. Social games weren't one of his strong points but he hoped they wouldn't outright attack, run or anger him. For once in his life he prayed the reaction would be good.

"Hey, uh... guys. Phil here. I didn't hurt no one yet and sounds like you guys haven't either, just looking for the hockey team, you seen anyone? Hell is anyone from the team here?"

Although Phil had heard the announcements he hadn't paid any particular attention to them in his drowsy state at 6am that morning, nor did he know that Nick was one of the two who were mere metres away. All Phil knew is that there was one guy and one girl and neither of them looked like they were fighting for their lives.
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