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Me? Why, what a wild and crazy accusation! No no, it was that OTHER girl.
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((Sorry about skipping over you Ella, but I wanted to get this post in before Etain goes inactive.))

Etain jumped off the bench as the sight of the tazer. The fact that the guy didn't seem to eager to use it wasn't exactly comfort. Hell, the fact that the guy was terrified was even worse. That meant he was likely to make a rash decision. Like, oh maybe, tazing him? That would certainly not be the best way to start the morning. "Hey, easy mate, Ah'm not after any sorta trouble."

Just the same, Etain took a step back, away from the bench and his bags. It didn't occur to him that maybe this guy was trying to separate him from any possible weapons might have in his bags. "Friend. Aye, definitely friend." Etain held up his hands in a universal display showing he was unarmed. "Relax, boyo, Ah dinnae have anything dat kin hurt ya." He offered a nervous grin, motioning toward the bags sitting on the ground next to the bench. "All Ah have is some extra food, not hardly enough ta make me Rambo." He didn't really know what posses him to like about the explosives in his bag, but it felt like the right thing to do. Beside, he wanted to calm this guy down, not set him off. Ha, set him off. Like explosives.

If anything, the guy seemed more on edge. His explanation didn't do much to calm it down, it seemed. Etain was kind of hoping that he'd get an opportunity to just take off. Forget talking to this guy, just grab his bags his bags and go, to keep looking for Kris. But the guy was still brandishing the tazer and he didn't seem keen to stop any time soon. The prospect that he was about to be electrocuted seemed more and more likely. "Just, easy mate. No one needs ta do anyting crazy, right? Ah'll head me separate way, and no one'll hurt anyone."

Unfortunately, his retreat was cut short. Someone called out, in his defense it seemed, and Etain and the boy with the tazer turned to the newcomer. One of the last people he ever expected to see was charging toward the two of them, Courtney Something, one of the cheerleaders if he wasn't mistaken. And she was rushing to his aid. It was certainly surprising, if nothing else. Not that he was complaining, of course. Help was help. Especially considering that he was probably a few second away from getting his ass shocked.

Then, as thing seemed to inevitably inclined to arrive at, it all went to hell. The boy fell right over the edge before anyone had a chance to stop him. All the same, Etain made a quick grab for the guys hand, only to miss him my a by mile. He watched as the guy tumbled over the side, feeling helpless and responsible. Sure, it was the girls arrival was the final straw, but maybe if Etain hadn't sat down next to him and scared the guy to death...Instead of saving the guy's life, Etain watched in stunned terror as the boy died right in front of him. This was...just, way too much. He needed to get the Hell out of here, to...do something. To find Kris. It was the same goal he'd had since the start, and a perfect excuse to get gone.

((Etain Brennan continued in Lean on Me))
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