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Heh. Victory is mine.

And then everything went to hell. Before he knew it, his prize was snatched out of his grasp by that little bitch, Vera Osborne. To further add insult to injury, it turned out that the Tec was unloaded. Kevin gaped in horror as she flicked the safety off, slammed a new magazine in and aimed the gun at his chest. His plan was doomed to fail from the beginning. But now wasn't the time to get angry. He was staring death in the face, and he wasn't enjoying it at all.

"Move so much as a fucking muscle, and I'll drop you were you stand! I am SO fucking close to just wasting you on the spot right now, so don't give me any more reasons to pull this fucking trigger!"

This was obviously a bad situation. Kevin couldn't see any way to get out of it, not with Vera keeping her finger on the trigger and her eyes on his every movement. It was almost unreal how she managed to pull that off in the first place. He both hated and admired her for robbing him like that. The scenario was perfect for her. He wasn't fast enough to attack or run away before he got turned into swiss cheese. Only her refusal to kill him outright kept him alive, and that could change on a whim.

The pressure was on now. Sweat poured down his neck, his damaged face throbbed painfully, and he started feeling faint. But he was used to high-stress situations. Even if this eclipsed everything all of the other events by far, he managed to stay on his feet and thinking instead of running on instinct.

What the fuck am I going to do? I'm dead if I try anything, but there has to be a way. There has to be a way to escape.

Luck might not have been on his side, but an opportunity presented itself just then.

"Now then... Tell me why I shouldn't just snuff out your existence and get it all over and done with?"

He saw her. He saw that girl run out. What was her name? It was... It was... Fuck, don't faint.... Keep it all down, don't forget that name- "Rosa!" He looked straight at the window she escaped from. "Because Rosa's leaving you behind!"
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