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A friendly clown welcomes you to LOCAH. It seems he would like to be your guide.
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"No, no, it's OK. I, uh, I don't mind if you stay."

Jasper-Declan felt an unreasonable wave of relief at this statement. He did want allies, yes, but he would be perfectly fine going back off on his own, he was quite sure- he'd been fine so far, and he had a gun to protect himself. Even so, he realized, he didn't want to be alone anymore. It is quite odd. I have spent the majority of my life alone, or at least close enough to alone as a human can be whilst surrounded by one's family in a city like Minneapolis...and yet, suddenly, my needs seem to have changed. I wonder what has brought this on? Perhaps...perhaps it is because my own death is swiftly approaching. Perhaps I simply...

He stopped there. I should not overthink this.

He looked around at his new...his mind paused on the word friends and replaced it with allies.

Carly. She does not appear to be armed...or particularly dangerous. She seems exceptionally frightened. Apparently she is quite trusting, given as she chose to trust me with absolutely no reason to do so beyond my own words...perhaps she wants protection. She does seem to be the type who would need it.

George. He and Carly are clearly connected in some way...Friends? Or perhaps they are dating. No matter. He seems strong enough...he also lacks a weapon, however. I do wonder why Danya chose to leave me with a weapon while he left so many others defenseless...

"Y-yeah, I don't mind you being here, either. Sorry, I...ahem, I haven't had too many good experiences with people on this island so far, so I was a little suspicious. But you seem okay."

Jasper-Declan started, having been distracted by his own thoughts, and then realized that George was talking to him. He gave a formal nod in his direction as recognition of his words. Perhaps...he chose to trust me because Carly did so? It is strange, how the opinions of people can be determined by the opinions of others...

Marion. Again, she seems to lack a weapon...though she does seem to be taking very careful notice of her surroundings. Taking notes of the contents of the announcement is a very logical choice of action...She seems intelligent.

We are not a particularly strong group. I am the only one among us with a weapon...though I suppose one of them could possess something that they are not currently holding. Perhaps it will fall to me to protect them.

Perhaps that is what this gun is for.

"Hey, guys where'd you come from?"

This time Jasper-Declan was reasonably ready to be spoken to, and his facial expression did not change as he looked at Marion.

"I'm assuming that since you entered the warehouse after me, you had to have been somewhere else on the island first. I was in the tunnels with Aston and Bennett. I never did figure out her first name. Although they both kind of disappeared on me while I was writing stuff down. There super creepy, so I climbed out and wandered for a bit before coming here."

The names meant nothing to him. He wondered for a moment if she had meant that the tunnels or the students she had mentioned were- in her words- super creepy, but he decided that that was irrelevant. Instead he went back in time for a moment- as much as he didn't particularly want to remember his time on the beach. Except for the beauty of the water, the sunlight playing off the waves...he shook his head slightly. That wasn't the information Marion was looking for.

"I awoke on the beach. I sat by the water with no aim in mind and was happened upon by two boys...Erik and Mike. We were joined by two other boys, one named Max and one whose name I do not believe I learned. Not one of them was armed. They began to make escape plans, and they became agitated when I reminded them that escape is an impossibility. I chose to leave...I do not wish to stay where I am not wanted."

"First off, I'm George Leidman. I had a talk with a few people before I got here. I think that most of the kids aren't playing. I didn't recognize a couple of them, but I know that the green-haired guy-Cisco, I think-isn't going to play the game. I think I might have identified a possible player though. Any of you guys know a guy by the name of Sebastian?"

Jasper-Declan shook his head. "No, I'm afraid I do not." Then, he frowned slightly. I ought to have this matter cleared up. "Do any of you have weapons, by any chance? I am aware that many people did not receive real weapons- the boys on the beach had received a variety of oddities- but it strikes me as quite odd that I am the only person of those that I have met to have any true means of defending themselves..."
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