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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Oh yeah, he had definitely read this comic before. The ending and, in particular, its details escaped him, but he was pretty sure it didn't end well for the heroes. Craig wasn't sure how to react when the shovel was brought close to Trent in an obviously threatening gesture, because it was Kevin Harding that was doing it. Kevin fucking Harding, one of his former teammates. Maybe he was stretching his faith in the parallels between real life and comics a little thin, but Craig was pretty sure that teammates weren't supposed to be pulling weapons on each other. Well, okay, so he was threatening Trent directly, but this still wasn't exactly the most kosher thing ever.

Then there was Vera... she didn't seem to like Craig so much, but she had accepted himself and Trent, and Rosa had even allowed them in. This was something powerful to the large boy, really. In such a trying time where tensions were running through the roof, the two girls had tolerated Craig's presence, even though he was a boy that neither of them knew particularly well. Kevin, however, had barged in. He knew Craig, and yet he was being a supreme dick by threatening to kill Trent. Craig wanted to ask him if any of it was really worth whatever the hell his goal was, but the towering linebacker was far too busy cowering at the head of his friend, over in the corner with his back to the wall.

Hardly a page in time had turned before many things happened. Way too many things for Craig to keep track of happened, but he made his best effort to try and absorb it all, and try not to tuck his head away in scream in fear. Rosa was getting the hell out, Kevin was heading forward, then Vera pulled some real talented moves, something in terms of agility and insanity that would make Deadpool proud. Craig let out an unwarranted (at least, he HOPED it was unwarranted), swine-like squeal of fear when Vera slammed the gun full of what had to be a clip of ammo. If there were any doubts about the gun being used because it may or may not have been loaded, those doubts were unfortunately a thing of the past. The gun was loaded, the gun was able to kill things, and Vera was pointing it at Kevin.

Well, things could be worse, and Craig was more than just a little aware of this, since the gun could be pointed at Trent or himself. Trent could have already been beaten to death with that shovel. However, things could also be a lot better... Craig could have some manner to protect himself and his friend. He looked to the two daypacks, his and Trent's, but quickly looked back to Vera as he didn't want to call attention to himself and the fact that he'd like to be equipped. No... for now, now that Vera was in control, being harmless was the best way to go about stuff. Craig had two options, but both of them involved interaction, and neither of these people really seemed like the sort that really wanted to converse at the moment.
Option one was to try his hand at talking to Kevin, but Craig found that to be a bust. Kevin had been the guy to senselessly threaten to attack his own teammate and his friend. Even if he COULD be reasoned with, frankly, Craig was a little hurt and not in the mood to talk back, so... that left Vera. Finally, the large boy spoke up with his mello, timid voice, trying once again to be as unthreatening as possible.

"Um... Vera, maybe a good start would be getting him to put the shovel down? Yeah... ask him to do that. I don't wanna hurt anybody, I know Kevin doesn't want to either... Don't you, Kevin?"
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