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((Rein Bumgarner continued from Under The Seas Is Where No One Wants To Be))

Rein was starting to get tired from all the walking he did. Sure he didn't mind physical activity but on this island... He would need to conserve his energy. Of course the urge to find Gary was enough for him to push forward. No way in hell was he giving up. Not while his best friend was still breathing.

Looking at his three allies... No they were more then just allies. Simon, Kari and Carol had become his friends. People he cared for. Only half a day pass and he was already deeply attach to them. Elaine was right when she told him he had a big heart. He was always there for others. Especially those suffering unpleasant ordeals.

Eventually darkness loom over them. With night time came danger and fatigue. Luckily Simon had both found a convenient shelter and decided they should rest. Rein was slightly uncomfortable to simply hide and rest while Gary was still in danger. Yet he knew he had to recovered his energy. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day and he needed the rest.

Rein decided to take first watch. He had travel much longer then the rest of the group and interrupting his sleep might ruin his only chance to get some rest.

The decision was a good one as they suddenly woke up in the middle of the night at the sound of clapping. Slightly annoyed Rein wonder where the sound came from. It took him awhile to get his senses together when he eventually understood what was happening.

The announcements.

Horrified Rein listen as 19 of his classmates were proclaim dead. He wasn't sure if the fact that 19 people he knew were dead or that people he knew actually committed murder. Rein grew slightly dizzy as he listen. His initial thoughts were to pray to god so that Gary would be name. But as the names were announced one by one Rein couldn't help but feel both distress at each name he heard. It was horrible. Just like that a soul was gone. People he never met or barely talk to. People who could of help or brighten their lives just a bit. He would never get the chance.

Eventually the announcement was over and Rein felt confused, stressed and horrified. People were playing the game. People were dead. What was he suppose to do? Gary was obviously in danger now. Heck they all were. He looked at his new friends to see their reaction. Carol stood out as she started sobbing. Rein instantly reacted as his crawl beside her. It was similar to when Elaine cried. He always felt lost for words at these moments. Especially in this case. Out of the 19 students that were dead, how many were her friends? Rein looked at the poor girl. He wonder if he would be reduce to this state if Gary died. Or anyone else he knew.

Instinctively he wrap his arm around the girl and tried to comfort her.

19 were dead. No matter what he would say to Carol, it wouldn't change anything. He could only support her and hope she would recover. Hopefully there will be something he could do to improve the situation.
While I am not taking the pledge myself, I suggest that everyone should give this a read.

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