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((Anna Chase continued from Break Up And Break Down))

She sat with her back against a tree, resting as calmly as she could.

Of course, "calm" here meant "not freaking out as much". Each time she closed her eyes, she could see Robert, or rather, what was left of him. By god, she still wondered what was going on in Mr. Mystic's head to get the idea to eviscerate someone with a chainsaw. And by the sound of things, he didn't do anything to actually deserve it, as far as she could tell. He could have been just innocently walking along, minding his own business! Sure, there was shouting, but Chase couldn't make it out, or at least couldn't remember what was said or who was saying it.

Yesterday was a bit of a blur, now that she thought of it. She knew that Nancy had held her hostage and taken her daypack, and she could remember Robert and the sound of the chainsaw more than she would have liked to. But, everything seemed to blur together. Did she blank out at some point? How long was she on the ground hiding?

But oh god damn everything to hell, her neck hurt. Of course it would, after Nancy pulled her hair and how she was on the ground for god only knows how long, both before she woke up and during when she was hiding. Chase lifted her hand to massage the back of her neck, only to touch something metallic.

Her hand lifted away as quickly as possible once she realized what it was. Her collar.

Even though Chase really wasn't into SOTF in the first place, she had heard from people who were that these would explode if you tamper with them or go someplace you shouldn't. And this was confirmed by... Danya? Was that his name? Anyways, he said that not only if you go into a "danger zone" or if you mess with them, but also if you attempted an escape, they will take your head off.

Escape wasn't an option, it seemed.

But, there had to be a way out somehow. Danya seemed pretty confident that escape wasn't possible, but there had to be a loophole here somewhere. After all, it was always the confident men that would overlook major details. Chase however, wasn't even going to think about removing that thing like that one guy did.

So, for now, attempt to survive rather than escape. That meant three things she needed to find. One, food and water. Presumably the bag Nancy took had such things in it. But, since it was with her, that meant Chase needed to find such things. She had looked inside her remaining bag, and found a water bottle and a small lunch, consisting of a tuna sandwich and what appeared to be a cupcake, packed for the bus ride. She could remember her dad telling her that it was a good idea to keep water on you when you're off camping, so he insisted on her packing water. It had been full when she opened the bag previously, but by the time she rested here, the contents, along with the sandwich, had disappeared down her throat. What could she say? She was hungry and thirsty. But, since she was going to be like that again soon, it was a good idea to find food and water. Chase wasn't some camel, after all.

The second thing she needed to find was a weapon. Nancy had left her pretty much weaponless, for the most part. But, to be honest, you could kill someone with anything. If there was any lesson she received from all those graphically violent movies she watched, it was that one. She had heard stories of someone on the program attacking people with a dagger made out of a dildo and toothbrush, for example. On the "shank" line, Chase could remember seeing a website about how people in prison would make knives out of various objects they could find in prison. It didn't even have to be a knife! She could just find a large, thick stick, like a walking-type stick, and use it as a bludgeon for a while. This place seemed woody enough, she could probably find such a thing quickly. Chase could also easily get a weapon off someone else, either someone handing it off to her, or taking from those who... couldn't use it.

Oh god, her mind was turning to what could easily be described as grave robbing, wasn't it?

Chase shook her head. What was up with this game? It made people chainsaw others and consider stealing from the dead. She hugged her arms around herself and shuddered.

She just wanted to go home. Home was warm, with a soft bed that had her name on it. A nice shower was only a few steps away, and she could easily wash up and soak her body with her favorite strawberry body wash and shampoo. She could rest on her own bed, hugging Howell, her favorite plush Husky from when she was a kid, and going to sleep in her own room. Mom and Dad would be downstairs, talking to each other about various events and clattering around the kitchen and living room. Then once she was rested, she would go downstairs, chat with her parents, and watch some horror movie or anime. Or maybe she would talk to a friend on the phone.

Oh god, she was never going to experience that ever again, wasn't she?

No, don't think like that.

She had vowed to stay alive as long as possible, after all. But, what about Jon, Dawne, and Brendan?

Which lead into the third thing she needed; allies.

Chase could remember what had happened at the fair. Kitty had acted like she wanted to help Chase. But, once trouble kicked in? She and that other person had just left her to die. Left her. All they did while Nancy had her grip on her was talk. In the end, they couldn't help her. And it was almost as if they didn't even want her to live.

Did anyone want her to live?

Normally, she would say "Of course! Brendan, Dawne, Jon, Lexie, my parents..." and continue on that list. But, ever since prom, things had taken a turn for the worse in her relationships with most of them. Lexie wasn't the only one who disapproved of her dating Jon. Brendan, although not as severe as Lexie, had shown his displeasure in the past. Apparently he thought Jon was going to beat her or something. And let's not even get started on Dawne. God, Chase could barely look at her as normal nowadays.

But, here's the thing. She had to find them. It was really the right thing to do, after all. Jon in particular wasn't exactly popular. As far as she could tell, everyone knew him as the creepy kid who liked gory movies. Of course, everyone viewed Chase the same way. Jon, however, was a loner and admittedly had a snarky streak. Not many people thought highly of him, so someone could easily take his life without thinking. And some supposedly "Christian" fundamentalist could find Brendan, remember that he was gay (well, actually he was bisexual, but the "bi" part wasn't common knowledge), and decide he needs to die. And what about Dawne? Oh god... Dawne...

Chase pulled her knees up towards her chest. She had to find them soon. Any number of things could happen to them. None of the mental images popping up in her head about how each of them could die were very pleasant. There had to be a way to prevent each of their deaths. Hopefully Jon, Dawne, and Brendan were holding up well. Maybe Dawne found Rekka. But what then? Oh god, that was another person who needed to live. He had the capability to do so. The outdoors was always his forte. Unlike Chase, who hated the outdoors with a burning passion and preferred indoor activities, though she wasn't exactly a couch potato. And now she was going to pay for it.

Plus, she was so tiny and skinny, with no fighting skill whatsoever. She was no match for someone like Craig Hoyle, who as far as she could tell was on the football team and was a giant.

And that's when, in spite of everything, she burst into laughter. Not the kind of laughter crazy people would make, but the kind of laughter you would make when you had a funny mental image. And this mental image was Craig wearing a hockey mask and chasing Rosa Fiametta and Jen Romita, while they were in their bra and panties, with a machete. She had no clue why that popped in there when she was thinking about her friends dying, but it did out of the blue.

As she calmed down from her laughter, she sighed. God, it was strange, wasn't it? Even after seeing her classmate's organs splattered all over the ground, she still had the ability to laugh over the things she normally would. Maybe it was her way of coping with it. Some people drank, some smoked, some went crazy... and Anna Chase laughed over the mental image of Craig Hoyle as a slasher villain. And maybe this is why people thought she was weird.

But, maybe everything was going to turn out all right, after all. That image of Robert Lerger wasn't getting out of her head very quickly. However, it gave her a good reason to survive. Thing is, though, surviving meant fighting, and fighting meant killing.

Could she do that?

Chase had always been seen as a creepy weird kid by the rest of Bayview, judging by what things people said about and to her. But she wasn't the type to just kill someone so easily. Heck, people would probably expect her to want to play with Robert's organs or something, for some reason, even though it wasn't true. But, even now, even just the mental image made her upset. Again, it provided a good reason why she had to live.

She had to survive at any cost. Any? Did that mean murder?

Chase had to defend herself, at least.

Sighing again, she laid down, placing her head on her bag like a makeshift pillow. Chase hadn't gotten much of actual rest since she woke up at the Fun Fair, and combined with all that walking, it meant that she was pooped. Maybe she would allow herself to doze off, but what if some weirdo like Nancy or Rasputin would show up and attack her while she is sleeping? Maybe she could try not to fall asleep completely, and if someone approached, she could make a run for it. Hopefully, though, she would find something of actual shelter by nightfall. She wasn't going to spent the night on the ground, not at all. Did this place have any buildings aside from the stalls at the fairground, if those count?

Maybe a cave, but judging by the announcement that wasn't a good idea. Apparently, there were bears here. Great, not only crazed students out to get you, but bears as well. Chase had to be careful, which meant keeping a close eye on her food once she had some, and making sure she doesn't upset the wildlife. After all, that meant her death if she upset a bear. Chase could remember a horror movie about a bear. Heck, "a" horror movie? There were lots of them.

As she stared up at the trees' canopy as she laid on her back, she couldn't help but notice it was a nice day out. Sure, she was the one person who hated the outdoors, but everything looked so pretty. It was a shame that it had to be ruined by death and destruction. Maybe, though, if it rained, she could catch the water in her bottle so she wouldn't go thirsty. It didn't look like it was going to rain anytime soon, however. And even if it did, it pushed the shelter issue just a bit more.

God, her life had been rough recently. But right now she needed to rest for a little bit.

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