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The first thing that became apparent to George upon reuniting with Carly was that he had been starving for a truly familiar face. Sure, he'd known the names of a few of the people who he'd encountered, but he'd never really been close with any of them. Having a very good friend run up to him and hug him somehow deadened the rest of the world. Jasper was talking about something, and the announcement blared on, but it was as if they had been tuned out. Right now, George was wondering important things like what to say to Carly, whether or not he should hug her back, whether or not he should be paying attention to the rest of the world...stuff like that.

When Carly looked over at Jasper and responded to some question that he had asked, George looked over as well, giving him an excuse to focus on someone other than her. "Y-yeah, I don't mind you being here, either. Sorry, I...ahem, I haven't had too many good experiences with people on this island so far, so I was a little suspicious. But you seem okay." George decided that it wouldn't be best to admit that most of those bad incidents had been his fault. He'd catch up Carly on what he'd been doing when the time was right, but he didn't fully trust the rest of these people to think that he wasn't a player. Goodness knows, the last three or four people had assumed that he was.

"First off, I'm George Leidman. I had a talk with a few people before I got here. I think that most of the kids aren't playing," George said in response to Marion's question, holding onto Carly's hand as he turned around. "I didn't recognize a couple of them, but I know that the green-haired guy-Cisco, I think-isn't going to play the game. I think I might have identified a possible player though. Any of you guys know a guy by the name of Sebastian?" George let the question hang out there. He figured that Carly would know, seeing as Sebastian had slugged her, but he was curious if the name would ring a bell with anyone else.
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