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Alex couldn't believe what was going through his head right now. A moment ago he'd had a 'revelation' that in order to not just be another casualty, in order to truly stay human no matter what, he had to protect someone else besides himself. Now, now he was seriously contemplating doing everything but that.

Dom was crazy, he was having a complete mental breakdown. And Alex knew, oh he knew that meant Dom could do anything now. Sure he may look like he was frail and weak, emotionally exhausted, but that could all be an elaborate act. Humans are capable of such things, he was sure of it.

Or am I reading too much into it? Am I being paranoid because I don't have a weapon and I don't want to die?

"Hey Dom, you're okay right? Not having any suicidal," He spoke the next two words under his breath, "or homicidal, thoughts are you?" He took a step backwards, just in case. Or was that the wrong move? Should he have taken a step forward? Is intimidation more useful than caution in this situation?

He studied Dom very closely. If it came to it, he was sure that a good blow to the head would incapacitate him, perhaps even permanently.

But what about taking care of him?

No, that kind of thinking was crazy. Taking care of someone else? This was survival of the fittest. There was only oneself, always. Everyone else was a foe, a dangerous enemy. And enemies had to be killed in order to ensure one's survival. But he couldn't just become a murderer like that. Just like that.

No, he had made up his mind. He was leaving. And if Dom followed him... he'd have to kill him. It was the only way to be sure.

"Sorry about this. I really am. But I can't risk staying with you. I just can't."
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