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it was a graveyard smash
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Tim took a step away from Colin and watched as the boy slowly composed himself. His sobbing ceased, and he took a deep breath, looking over at Tim. Colin spoke Tim's name, and the blonde immediately came to attention, his eyebrows raising. "Yes?" he asked, and waited patiently for Colin to speak. He desperately hoped that Colin wouldn't continue to ask useless questions about Tony's murder or the events that conspired back in the tunnels.

But, thankfully, the tunnels nor Tony's death were mentioned by Colin. Instead he told Tim that singing used to calm him down. Tim nodded in an understanding way and sat back down in the soft sand, his eyebrows knitted together. "W-Well, if you want to sing, you should." He went completely silent after that, not wanting to say anything more that could potentially discourage his friend. If Colin had a way to compose and calm himself, then let him work through it.

And he sang. Tim averted his eyes and, instead, watched the waves crash onto the shore. He brought his knees up to his chest and stared into the distance with empty eyes. He looked lost and confused, but he was listening. He was listening to the words that Colin sung with every fiber of his being. He could hear the emotion and the sorrow and the sadness, but all Tim could do was listen and appreciate it.

He sounded so good. He sounded much better than that time back at the Cafe and the times they practiced for the fake band that never came to be. At this time and place, caught up in the moment, Tim thought he had never heard of singing this good, but he realized that it was mostly the emotion that captivated him. And yet, he continued to stare and listen, not doing much else. Everything else seemed incredibly insignificant.

After a few minutes, his singing came to a close. Tim raised his hands to clap but quickly dropped them when he realized how ridiculous that would be. He could imagine Colin giving him a sharp glare, so he stayed silent, hugging his knees and looking from the ocean to the fire ahead. The smell of firewood filled his nose, and he held out his hands again to drink in the warmth. He became aware that Colin was crying again. Tim looked down at the sand and desperately tried to think of something to say. He wanted some magical phrase to pop up into his head; a phrase that would instantly make Colin feel better.

Instead, he decided to just say the first thing that came to mind. It definitely wasn't the elaborate response that he hoped for, and it did Colin's wonderful singing absolutely no justice, but he still spoke the words, "That was really deep, Colin. I mean, wonderful, but deep."

He didn't try to stop his tears this time. He knew that Colin deserved to cry.

Turning his attention away from the fire in front of him, Tim peered around the beach and looked behind him to see a blurry figure. The figure was too far away to distinguish who it was or what they were doing, but the figure appeared to be just sitting in the sand. Tim squinted and tried to make out who it was, but, honestly, Tim couldn't even figure out if it was a boy or a girl. His distance vision was terrible.

Looking away from the distant mystery person, Tim turned to Colin and felt a pang of guilt for him. He didn't want to interrupt his mourning, but.. Tim thought it would be a good idea to just let him know that they weren't alone. "'Ey, Colin. There's someone over there.." he whispered, jerking his head in the direction of the person.
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