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Ivan's jaw slackened a bit, and he could feel his mouth open as though he were going to say something, but the difference was that this time, he didn't intend to say anything. There wasn't really much left to say, but Tabi left him with a want for words when she suddenly went to put on her shirt, no longer able to cover her chest for that brief moment. Had she waited a few moments, he would've excused himself, turned around, done something. As it was, the best Ivan could do was to turn his head to the side a bit, trying to avert direct eye contact with the girl's chest. The thing about green glasses, however, was that he could look in a direction he wasn't quite facing, and it would be rather hard to notice.

Ivan felt a bit guilty for this, and regretful that he wasn't quick enough to allow for Tabi to put on her shirt in some remote sense of privacy. This was washed over by the fact that he was (shamefully) glad none of that had happened. Ivan prayed there was no red pigmentation in his face, but the chances of that happening prevailed up until Tabi slid her shirt down over that chest of hers.

Wow... good form, Ivan. This is a life or death situation, and you're playing the role of the typical male by thinking with your dick. ... But Tabi would've been good on the tennis team, with a body like that...

Ivan shook his head and chuckled again, wondering exactly what one of those self-administrated mental slaps felt like, because he really needed one, but he just couldn't help himself. Looking back up to Tabi from his muddled, idling thoughts, he saw her gaze down at the holes in her shirt, which drew his eyes down to look at them as well. One of them certainly seemed... precariously placed, and Ivan tried to look at the other two as quickly as possible. They looked... painfully placed indeed, but it was only one bullet that made them. Still, they were painful-looking reminders no matter how you saw it, and Ivan wondered just why Tabi hadn't put on another shirt or something.

"Let me get my shoes...then we can go..."

A low affirming hum gave Tabi what Ivan hoped she needed to hear, and he turned to watch the girl put on the last articles of clothing. With the way the sky looked, it could easily fool somebody into thinking that night was about to fall over the inhabitants of the island, but the fact remained looming over his head: it was truly morning. The timid girl and the guilty boy had survived the first day of this new hell, but another day awaited their decisions, threatening to destroy them both.

Am I ready to die?

Ivan already knew the answer to that one, but didn't really want to play around with it too much. Yes, nobody exactly wanted to die, and he knew that, but sooner or later, he would HAVE to come to terms with it. He looked back and forth, searching for one of the cameras that... that man said was going to be there, but his search returned nothing. Scratching an itch that festered underneath his collar, Ivan awaited Tabi's return, stopping his scratching when she turned back and ran to him, getting her things. It didn't really seem right to remind her of the device that was around her neck as well.

"Are you uh...ready to go?"

It was his turn now to close his eyes, thinking about the day that was to come, and he let out a long sigh before opening his eyes, smiling once more. "Yeah... let's go." They could check the map on the way, but for now, they'd have to get off of this mountain first. From there, they'd have to approach the greens so Ivan could get...

He picked up his own backpack, taking care not to forget his umbrella, which he picked up in his left hand after slinging the daypack around his left shoulder to hang at his right side. His right arm still ached, and so he wanted to rely on it as little as possible. He wasn't particularly crazy about picking up whatever 'present' had been left for him there at the greens, but if it would help him survive at least to the point where he could die on his own terms, well...

I guess I can live with that.

The two scarred children headed off the mountain, searching for the morning to come.

((Ivan Kuznetsov and Tabi Gweneth continued in Peacemaker))
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