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Tabi glanced up to look at Ivan again and saw him nod his reassurance. For the first time on the island she felt an actual smile creep onto her face. There was hope, Ivan brought that hope and at the end of the day, it would all be fine. The two of them would be able to stick together and every single thing would be alright.

Tabi stared upwards as Ivan stood up, he smiled back at her. He had never really smiled before, not at school and certainly not here. It was odd at first, he was such a serious guy and yet this smile. It made her feel warm inside, calmer than him just nodding an answer.

"Come on, then. On your feet."

Tabi gave a small nod, "Ok..."

She still desperately clung to her blouse as she slowly got up to a crouch. After one more tight squeeze of her shirt she began to springboard up to her feet. Her eyes went from Ivan's face, to her small backpack.

Tabi knew that there was at least another shirt in there besides her now damn yellow one. A part of her wanted to change again, she didn't want to see the holes that were there, she didn't want to remember it all.


Ivan had been shot at, there was nothing that he could do about it. It was a reminder of what had already happened, regardless of what she had wanted. Her fingers wormed their way into the holes, wiggling them in the empty space. Maybe she could have used her own reminder. A reminder that she could have died, just like Ivan. A reminder that now everything would be alright. A reminder that so long as Ivan was here, everything would be okay.

Tabi took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She moved the shirt away from her chest and put it on. The cotton fabric pressed close to her body, it felt nice and although she still felt cold, this was an improvement.

When she opened her eyes she immediately gazed down to the holes. They all peppered the right side of the shirt, one at her kidney, one under her right breast and one around the shoulder. A wave of fear washed over her again, but she did her best to dispel it.

She looked to Ivan and forced a smile. He was here, and she wasn't alone. That was a much better situation than the alternative...

"Let me get my shoes...then we can go..."

She grabbed a pair of socks from her bag and went back to the river. She put on her white ankle socks and slid her feet into her favorite pair of black skate shoes. After that, she found herself pausing, staring one last time at that small brook she had bathed in.

So much had happened in only a day now. Tabi had wished that she was still dreaming, but her hopes for that was a mere pipe dream now. She couldn't turn her back on it now it had happened and that was that. She had hope though, there had to be a way out. There just had to be.

Tabi ran back to Ivan and grabbed her backpack, looping it onto her shoulders.

"Are you uh...ready to go?"
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