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Ash watched Dustin carefully. Though his ego was too big to be injured by a small remark such as that, she wasn't about to let her guard down around a scoundrel like that. Who knew what he was capable of in a 'game' like this?

She took a few steps back, placing Samya and Zach between her and the guitar playing fiend. Though they were part of the same team for now, she wasn't comfortable with turning her back to them.

"What will we do now? Camp down here for the night?" Ash looked at Zach warily. Staying here didn't sound like a bad idea. although having a 'player' show up here was an ever-present danger.

The announcement had rattled her, but she tried not to let it show. There weren't any names she recognized in it, except for one. Kris Hartmann.... Come to think of it, wasn't that the name of the girl who had been lying facedown on the ground?

She thought back. It... Oh, God. It was. Even somebody as ill as her was fully capable of killing others. This was not a good sign. The short, short time she had left to live was being steadily cut away with every death on this island. She had to do something about it. This unreasonable fear was driving her crazy. Her life, everything was going to end-

Ash slapped herself hard, snapping her out of this panicked daze. She couldn't let her emotions take over. She had to stay calm, and think rationally. She had to use her judgement here.

The red palm mark on her cheek would serve as a reminder of that. If she lost focus on her goal of getting out alive, it would bring nothing but pain and death to her.
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