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Al looked down to the body that lay at his knees, then back to Dougal.

Back to the body.

Now back to Dougal.

"He's gonna start thinking you're crazy if you keep doing that, Al," Dougal said, motioning to the skinny black kid to his left.

Albert simply stared back quizzically. Funny, he hadn't noticed the skinny black kid there a minute ago. Granted, he was more focused on his friend being in two places at once, but that was neither here nor th- wait, no, it totally was. "Why would he-"

"Because I'm a ghost, Al. He can't see me. Just you." Well, that resolved that particular issue. Although, why couldn't the other kid see him? He was right there, after all. "Why can't h-"

"Because that's how ghosts work, okay Al?" he interrupted, rubbing his forehead frustratedly. "Just roll with it." Right, okay, be subtle. Al could do subtle. He nodded his head in acknowledgement.

...Okay, so he could totally not do subtle. Still, he could try. So, he rose to his feet, turning to face Buddy Whassisname. "Ummmm... hi? Hi. So, uhhh, not everyday you find a dead guy on the beach, right?" "Oh, for fuck's sake." He wasn't sure what Dougal's problem was. Clearly, he was off to a fine start. "Anyway, uh, I was just thinking maybe it'd be a good idea to bury him, y'know? Respect for the dead and all. I mean, if that's cool with you." That last part he said with his head still pointed at Buddy, but his eyes aimed at Dougal. "...Wait, you're asking me? I mean, go ahead, if that's you're thing, it's not as if it really affects me at this point." Al paused a moment, wondering why Dougal contracted "you are" just then, but held back the question. After all, he didn't want to look crazy or anything.
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