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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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Sarah looked up, ashen, as the two girls moved to reassure her, the comforting hand of Lily guiding her to a small pack of grass. "I know Miranda" she sniffled, wiping away a drip of snot which had formed at the tip of her nose. "I know you guys wouldn't hurt anyone, it's just I guess the boys. I think he was a guy I wasn't sure, whoever it was, they were big."

Sarah smiled sadly. "Look at me, rambling away when both of you are so calm and collected. I'm being stupid... I'm sorry. I bet you guys have a plan or something right? I think I'm just tired and all I want to do is brush my hair. That's dumb..."

She gave a weak laugh. "Maybe one of us should look around and the other two stay here just so we know there's no one close by."

Despite her short rest Sarah felt weary. It was a poor attempt to split the two but in her current state she felt it was more than justified. Either way she was going to stick with the group for at least a little while longer and in truth Sarah did hope that one of the girls had some sort of a plan. She might be concerned with ensuring her film debut went as planned but she still wouldn't mind a soft bed and a nice warm shower. In fact both of those things seemed fantastic right now. Her clothes were dirtied, her hair matted and her fingernails broken or worn. Even heading back to the infirmary would be nice right now.

"So," she questioned, "what should we do now?"
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