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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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"I-its going to be all ri-ri-right...r-right I-I-Ivan?"

Ivan gave a small nod of the head to the girl, a response that he knew Tabi needed, and she needed it right away. However, to actually make the promise that they were going to truly be alright was... well, retarded. Then again, even he had just said that everything was going to be alright, so maybe saying such truly impossible things was a passable act just so long as it was done on the grounds of morale. He looked to the girl and her chattering teeth, desperate for everything to just be... okay. Ivan shut his eyes a little to try and combat the swelling behind them a moment.

I just want everything to be okay, too.

He let out a sigh, a sigh with some cheeriness injected in to cover up the acute moment of sadness that had struck him; it was a moment that he was sure would soon pass. Standing up, Ivan stooped his posture a bit to look down to Tabi and gave another smile. This wasn't as forced... it was probably the most genuine smile he had given anybody all schoolyear. Things were, almost assuredly, not going to be okay, but at least he'd have somebody to break the silence with before he died. Dying was pretty much a guarantee, and that was something Ivan was very sure not to delude himself about. Tabi could do it if she wanted, since ignorance sure could be bliss to some, but...

"Come on, then. On your feet."
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